Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cookies & Cosplay

I had a fastidious weekend, as tends to be my habitual way of ploughing through a storm. The best cure for a dark spell, I always say is to bake! Conjuring up some chocolate cookies and giving some love to my Airi cosplay filled a Saturday with sweetness and light, some of which I thought I’d share here.
The cosplay is still in it's various pieces but the elements are coming together to form my dearest dream of playing a maid so there've been many hours of hand sewing, gathering lace and appliqué to make a monumentally moe ensemble! I can’t wait to be all finished so I may flounce about with feather dusters and scythes!
The cookies, in the shape of batfish (specially made for my family, diving enthusiasts) were a Martha Stewart creation ~ cocoa shortbread with white chocolate stripes, something I found on recipe recon this week. How do you make a bishonen like Lelouch more delicious? Have him pose with dessert!!! (Lulu quite literally became sweeter post shoot. After sitting on the plate, ended up with a white chocolate frosting on his butt…)

Friday, 5 September 2008

Yoko Sniper Version (Wave)

Porcelaine Priss makes a tardy return to reviews with a gorgeous Gainax gal from Wave/Dreamtech. Adored by collectors and cosplayers alike, Rittona Yoko has been the shiny red apple of the hobby sculptor’s eye since Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann broke through heaven & into our hearts last year. Seeing exceptional immortalisations of this busty babe from the legendary Vispo & Polgonia, I burned to possess my own lovely Yoko-tan.What hit me harder than a blast with a positron rifle during Yoko’s debut in the first episode was just how daringly divergent her design is.
The balance of a buxom body, minimal attire and an audacious arsenal of weaponry is perhaps nothing revolutionary in anime character design but Yoko brings the booty to its highest summit.
Lavishly endowed with more flesh on show and in tow than convention commands, Yoko is a flame-licked Venus that has become the otaku’s goddess of plenty. A fearless fighter and a hot-headed honey, Yoko has an irresistibly sweet heart and an innocence that belies the bawdy bikini style she favours. When the Wave Web store posted preorders for this tasty little limited piece, I had set the sweetie square in my sights for sniping! I like Wave, their works have the integrity of expressing a character’s charm and great consistency. I have always loved them for a continued connection to a pair of my enduring fangirl followings ~ Gainax and Yoshizaki Mine.
Yoko’s portrayal in this sculpt by Shima Masaru is uncommonly kawaii. The crouching pose makes her prettily puchi, her bright and shiny eyes illuminate the little face snuggled into her muffler. This genki gunner straps herself into tight for more combat ready capers.
Her rifle comes equipped with its own adjustable ribbon strap in cherry blossom pink. Like any good fashionista this sister, Yoko has her colours coordinated adding a little feminine touch to the heavy duty shooter strapped to her chest. The purin plump body in the silky pink stockings is all strawberries and cream and totally delicious.
The sculpting shines in the sinuous curves of flame red hair that whip around her inviting the eye to trace a line down her spine to the sweet little peak of her derriere.Finishing and moulding seams are little rough around the edges, nether amounting to material illusionary excellence nor intolerably shabbiness (this is in part, due to her scale that disguises more of those finicky issues). The one major design defect is the presence of a nasty seam that spans the underside of her iconic cleavage. While this is conveniently concealed by the pink strap of the sniper rifle it somewhat mars one of her most prominent points of appeal.

All in all, Yoko is cute where it really counts and if you can seek her out, she’s a sweet little hit for Lagann lovers everywhere!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Good Smiles All Round!

In celebration of the launch of the Good Smile Company site in English, I am taking a brief break from regular figure reviews!
The notorious Mr Choo, the man that pioneered the happy hobby haunt for many a global otaku in his famous figure news portal dannychoo.com has just announced the launch of the great Good Smile Company site ~ in English!
It has all the flair and fun of his customary commentary of his and promises news and views of all the hot off the presses honeys that’ll no doubt be delighting devoted figure fans everywhere!
Great work Danny! It’s inspiring me to be a better Web Mistress!

My house has been in disrepair, my figures under dustsheets and my camera relegated to the back of a cupboard and a hazardous pile of unboxed beauties have been accumulating in this time of woe….
But no longer! I am enthused about making the best of this blog as learn the ropes of web works, you’ll be seeing the fruits of my studies cropping up all over the place. I hope that I’ll be able to chat to more of my visitors too by actually keeping better track of your comments ^_^;;

So Porcelaine Priss is currently under continual construction ^_^! I thank you for your patience! がんばれます!
I've acquired many exciting things recently too that I'm hoping to share here soon!
And yes, I am *all* over Penguin Musume… 萌え!!!