Friday, 4 April 2008

Suzumiya Akane (Samba Version)

Tribal queen, Suzumiya Akane shakes a regal plume of tail feathers in this surreal tropical treat from Chara-ani.
The bizarre costume and uncommonly gaudy incarnation of the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien heroine takes flight from the Akane Maniacs hallucinatory dream sequence like a bird of paradise.
Her glistening body shines as bright as Aztec gold, dripping with bronze tan and adorned with strings of shiny pearls that she wears draped about her loins. The crowning glories of her immodesty are the twin gold pasties that cap her nipples like a pair of amulets.
This parody party piece is intoxicatingly festive as a tequila sunrise on an empty stomach.
Amusingly, close scrutiny reveals that the shiny lustre of her dark skin is in fact a fake tan that ends at her wrists and throat. The audacity of Akane’s next to nothing ensemble gives her an allure that is both sultry and silly. The girlie show she performs embodies the playful spirit of burlesque.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Holstein Hanako-san

The full fat dream of Holstein Hanako is a creamy blend of the erotic and the whimsical. From the Tsukasa Bullet series by Mega House this piece makes a delicious addition to the Priss Spring Catalogue.
Retro curls form a bluebell bonnet of hazelnut hair, atop which she wears a twin horned band.
She’s as rich and indulgent as Devonshire cream tea with her buttery plump curves, clotted creamy dappled garments and a playfully curly tail.
Her wide and glassy eyes are held rapt by the tiny wings on the cabbage white butterfly that rests upon her outstretched finger. Lost in this moment for eternity, somehow this bovine beauty commands abundant charm gormless countenance.
Like the black and white piebald of her breed, Hanako is composed of contrasts, of mechanical metals with simple country pleasures, of fragility with full flesh, of innocence with indecency.
This was a real indulgence for me as I had already professed my love for the Daiki Kogyou dairy queen Aizawa Sanako and another curly cow girl seemed excessive in the extreme. I stayed my hand until she was reviewed at Heisei Democracy and was able to see Mega House’s customary work on this enchanting lady. Boasting flawless production I succumbed to the fact that she is just inescapably cute ^_^

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Kousaka Tamaki Swimwear version

Kousaka Tamaki curls herself into an enchanting pose in a unique and eye-catching 1/6 swimsuit sculpt from Wave.
The sprawling composition of her body flows in swirling currents of pale skin and ruby red. The fine tendrils of her luxurious hair extend like a tropical anemone nestled within a coral reef. Concealing a mischievous grin behind a hand modestly inclined to her lips, she watches through narrowed eyes as a coquettish flush of colour reddens her cheeks.
This is a lovely and extremely unusual piece that truly realises the potential of the lying pose. The underside of the model is finished in exquisite detail, expressing the serpentine stands of her hair and the pressure of her body that flattens her soft flesh.
The finishing is accomplished wonderfully and the eye follows every line of the elegant body from the extension of her long legs to the beautiful undulations of her curves. Her body is smooth and white as virgin sands and she basks in a pose that is quite intensely feline, emphasised by the peaks of crimson hair that trail adown from her crown.
A key point that will determine the success of any swimsuit piece (as far as I am concerned) is the expression of the body in relation to the bikini that contains it. Tamaki’s ensemble is crafted exquisitely, adorning the lines of the soft body as it plunges into the folds of black material. Your eyes are given the illusion of separation between flesh and cloth that imbues the piece with a kind of vital eroticism, which is the imaginary possibility of peeling away her garments.
In the endless stream of To Heart 2 figures this is the one that has really turned the tide and caught my eye, making a refreshing change to the classic swimsuit pose.