Thursday, 29 November 2007

Jo - Bakuretsu Tenshi

The fusion of Wild West and post apocalyptic bishojo badass, is Jo from Gonzo’s Bakuretsu Tenshi. Alter’s pose is Dynamic and sassy, a divine composition of intersections that accentuate the carved lines of her taught musculature against the straps and chaps of her combat garb. The blue inking of tattoo that casts icy shards onto the warmth of her tan as her extended firearms form a shield across her robust form. The coat that flaps wildly about her shoulders is fully removable but it gives the whole pose a kind of Clint Eastwood cool that recalls the iconic dynamism of a spaghetti western.
The gunslinger is masterfully immortalised in this flawless sculpt, which is the perfect realisation of the Ugetsu Hakua design. A bullet proof pose and cast that appeases both my penchant for chaps and valiant heroines in one fell swoop.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Kazami Mizuho (Max Factory)

A milestone in the fledgling years of my figure mania, in the opening chapters of the quest for divine curvature, the temptation of eggshell fragility, the original crème de la crème of Kazami Mizuho is Max Factory’s completed resin production from way back in November 2003.
She was my first desire, my first lesson with Sensei has never since been sweeter. This is the definitive piece, Mizuho in private away from the classroom, tantalisingly dishevelled like a milk truffle half unwrapped as she indulges in Pochy. MOE!
The piece is frighteningly delicate, so lusciously finished and cast in a material that gives her skin a lustrous sheen that illuminates her beauty to perfection. Mizuho reclines luxuriantly on a plump cushion, which atop the polished wooden base becomes a throne to seat this work of excellence. Her well-manicured fingers rest on miniature carton of her habitual confectionary delight. I’ve not seen a resin piece so wondrous since, it has placed the standard high and upon such a lofty pedestal that I can scarcely contemplate the possibility of dethroning my Queen of figures. Nay, she is in a class of her own from the tips of her toes, to that exquisite peak of her pink antenna Sensei is simply SU-TE-KI♥. Oshiete kudasai Sensei! \(*Д*)/

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Ignis (Alter)

Oh, Ignis Divine! Heroine of the game Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo soars to celestial status as the undisputed darling of the PVC market. She has strutted her stuff for the all the major production players and has thus become the icon of the repeat habit for figure maniacs everywhere.
This version is my 4th indulgence in the fiery Madame Butterfly. Alter’s Ignis against her burning bright sisters from Kaiyodo, Orchid Seed and Max Factory casts a cooler, ashen hue. Yet her amethyst eyes shine with a ferocious spirit and the energy of her stance emanates an intense heat like embers within a pyre.
The sculpt is dynamic at every turn, a unique pose that glows with movement and energy, expressed in the rippling lines of her dress and by the muscles of her taught thighs. The prongs of hair, the katana blade and the arched winglets on the back of her dress carve Ignis like a sharpened rune. Her elegance is re-envisioned with beautiful defiance signalling the power of the inferno within. Alter excel once more with this incredible piece, proving that with Ignis, it is impossible to have too much of a good thing.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Azusagawa Tsukino Bikini Version

Elegant lines and smooth pale, buttery skin are the rich gourmet delights of Azusagawa Tsukino Alter have once more turned their hands of the sun to craft this beach beauty fresh from Yakitate Japan!
Given the context of her character, Tsukino’s beauty is evocative of the delicate yet highly delicious taste of wagashi. Her flavours, both sharp and sweet are like the summery citrus of yuzu, rounded by the plump bite of smooth white beans. With the heat of summer and the flavours of autumn, here she basks in the rich glow of the twilight moon, emerging from the box of seasonal moon buns from the Minamoto Kitchoan.
Sadly, Alter’s 2nd Yakitate collaboration with Happinet lacks the flawless finish of their independent works. For all the sumptuous richness of Tsukino’s body, the adornment of the frilled bikini suffers from inelegant painting that mars the delicate form of the cast. Nevertheless, this sultry little hotcake is a petite treat in her kneeling pose that still whets my appetite. The full bloom of Tsukino’s curvaceous body makes her the perfect moonchild to celebrate the bounty of autumn.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Fauna Megachu! (Alter)

Fauna no genki ni naru no! Alter’s beautiful sculpt of the eroge goddess from Megachu is one of those perfect pick-me-up pieces that makes figure mania so enlivening. Her peachy-sweet cheer is a sparkling elixir, full-bodied and luscious, fortified with fine detailing. Fauna is motion captured moe, poised mid-prance exposing her polka dot panties. This shiny little 1/8 scale sugar is another jewel in Alter’s crown of excellence, perfectly formed and enchantingly composed with feathered winglets in her flowing pink hair. Aaah, haru no kaze no youni ~_~…

Misa-Misa Nendoroid

She’s up to something nasty! Idol Misa Amane, Yagami Light’s little love slave appears in full Goth Loli glory in Good Smile’s Nendoroid line.
Death Note's Misa-Misa is a perfect mini mix of the kawaii and the macabre. A sweet porcelain dolly mixture that is the candied essence of the Goth Loli style. As a nendoroid she is an irresistible bite-sized morsel, right down to the stockings and suspenders! Like her full-sized counterpart, her cuteness is laced with something that alludes to darkness, concealing a deadly secret like a poisoned berry. Just because she’s cute, doesn’t mean she’s not out to get you!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Oni Musume IV

The award for Best Bome acquisition 2007 goes to… Oni Musume IV! My personal favourite in the recent extensive Kaiyodo chronicles is this mysteriously unsung beauty.
Personally, I find that Bome’s best work is not his customary urbane standing poses but on the seated or prancing figures such as Halloween-chan,and Isoroku Yamamoto. After breaking out of the conventional mould Bome’s ability to illuminate the iconic dynamism of the original design shines brightly. The sculpts become playful and are infused with a lustrous energy that celebrate the soaring spirit of otaku!
Oni-Musume’s kitschy old school style with her tiger skin bikini and armour plated toes invokes a lovely Lum-chan flavoured nostalgia. Her hair rises like an inferno, her body curled onto the palm of an ornamental oni hand rising and melting out of a crystalline pool. The enchanting composition conceals a ferocious spiked mace behind her cradled form, making her demonic dance all the more mischievous.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Melissa Seraphy

Trick or Treat! Princess of the Pumpkins Melissa Selaphy from Wagamama Capriccio the perfect festive centrepiece for All Hallows Eve.
Sweeter than a candy apple, she is wonderfully whimsical with her curly tresses and mischievous grin. Her costume is simply fabulous, with gloves, wings and a plastic shell like a childhood keepsake it’s as if she has stepped out of a fairy tale in a pair of black stilettos. Her base is a shiny magic circle that attaches discreetly to the back of the plump amber ball gown, which like magic, unfastens, reducing her to her minute pink panties for maximum moe topped with a tiny gold crown. Good Smile’s little nymph is a figure maniac’s must have - grade A gorgeousness. Happy Halloween Minna!
Here follows a cautionary tale – do NOT put this girl close to an edge – these photos were taken after she had taken a tumble prior to her little fix up. Her bulbous form makes her all too susceptible to gravity!!!

A-10 Sahaqiel XX

Perhaps the cutest addition to Wave’s XX-Chromosome series is the Mineism of the cosmic 10th angel Sahaqiel. Here Sahaqiel’s colossal form has been magically reduced to a pretty petite dressed in pyjamas! The trailing extremities of her cosy costume and turned in toes give her the appearance of a posing kigurumi gal. Wave’s work is small but perfectly formed in this ingenious fusion of space invader and street fashion. Sahaqiel is from head to toe and eye to every eye utterly adorable.

Monday, 29 October 2007


She is, at first glance, a colourful piece, a blushing beauty with a flashy outfit, kicky boots and a sweet placid little face. On closer inspection she is a decadent carnival of costume that only the eroge can inspire in a sculptor.
Alter’s production work here is absolutely second to none. The erotic detailing is astounding, the paintwork on her boots, gloves and bustier are slick and lavish, a perfect shiny emulation of patent material that offsets the pleating and puckering of her pink skirt and bodice to perfection. She is a stunner from every angle, from profile to upskirt, a pure 360º beauty. From the back her hair is a crimson fan, decorated with fluttering golden sashes that create the impression of Escalayer’s spinning movement as she strikes a pose.
It’s this exceptional attention to detail that makes Escalayer stand out. She presents a departure from the conventions of character shorthand to the tantalising realms of realism that let the eye and imagination roam all over her. Her body is told so well through the casting and finishing on the clothes that encroach upon her fleshy curves. She even gets my vote for the best pair of breasts I have encountered on a fully clothed figure (which is mind boggling when you consider just how many that must be).

Friday, 26 October 2007


Oh Novia! From Fewture models comes the seductive queen of the majong tiles from Taisen Hot Gimmick 3: Digital Surfing. My Yoshizaki Mine habit resurfaces with this sumptuous release that possesses all the luscious trademarks of his iconic style.
Novia accentuates her abundant curves as a velvety cascade of ashen hair flows over her raised arms. Long gloves, pompom thigh-highs and a pair of crepey pink panties are the only clothes to speak of, inviting you to play with her and press all those shiny buttons.
My only issues (if any) are with the somewhat rickety construction of the decorative attachments that complete her “attire” and the sad truth that no, despite all my desires to the contrary, she does not light up. Nevertheless, Novia is a unique piece, adopting a provocative pose with her dynamite body she’s a hot gimmick indeed.

L Nendoroid

Always hot on the heels of Yagami Light is super sleuth L, Kira’s arch nemesis. With a taste for the finer things such as sweet confections and teas, L is a curiosity alive with an array of eccentric idiosyncrasies.
The Nendoroids return with this perfect miniature, in the grips of some petulant contemplation L adopts the iconic pose in his favourite nesting spot.
KA-WA-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! The only thing the set IS missing is a miniature tea cup and an array of delicate pastries… and man servant Watari…
L’s mannerisms and irrefutable cuteness is amplified by the petite bulbous form of the Nendoroid incarnation. It is all that I can do to resist sticking a dessert fork into that delicious little face (>_<);; Ittakismasu!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Yagami Light & Ryuk Nendoroids

“Ne Raito…” Megalomaniacal poster boy Yagami Light and shinigami Ryuk of Death Note make their debut in Goodsmile’s Nendoroid series.
The poseable pieces come with an array of accessories and expressions to create a scene tailored to suit your deathly desires, whatever they may be.
Preferring my Light on the dark side, I adopted this disinterested expression (that reminded me intensely of Moriyama Sunao of Potemayo ^_^) equipping him with the tools Kira’s deadly divinity. I like my boys to be calculating, ruthless, intellectual and evil and Light with his delusions of grandeur is the dynamite mix that makes for one atomic sexpot. I just want to EAT HIM!
…Ryuk is a work of genius. The elevated support base creates an impression of ominous silent hovering. His goggle-faced expression is simply perfect, the hinged jaw offering the only variation necessary to emulate his emotional range.
The SD forms create a divine comedy of the characters, a chorus of the apathetic angels of death.

Pinky Street Rei & Asuka

Cutie cosplay figures, these tempting little bonbons feature the sweetest Eva makeover. As always with Evangelion merchandise, there are irrepressible elements in the combination of the incongruously cute and the bizarre producing products that are kawaii and kitchy in the extreme. In place of the regular range of everyday accessories commonly sported by Pinkys are little shito Lilith and Gaghiel, skewered like candied apples on custom cutlery - a minuture prog knife and the Lance of Longinus. Pinkys are a superb variation on chibi couture, featuring a distinctive restyling of character shorthand with their heavy feet and shiny bubble headed faces. In these incarnations, Asuka is wide mouthed and mischievous whilst Rei appears typically docile and vacant. These Gainax goodies, which were produced to celebrate Eva’s 10th anniversary, make a tasty place of any fan’s crowded shelf space ^_^

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Hinata Natsumi & Giroro Gochou

This post is a dedicated to a melancholy moe ~ to an exquisite duet of unrequited love from Keroro Gunsou! For all the innumerable joy that comprises the series, it possesses one key facet that I find utterly irresistible DOOMED ROMANCE! Yes! It is the endless longing of a war torn soldier for his barbarous goddess that ignites the fires in my heart. Of the hardened Giroro Gochou for the volatile Hinata Natusmi, that impossible, implausible and hopelessly ludicrous alignment of romantic potentials… Kya!!!
Here Mega House’s Hinata Natsumi is equipped with a flight pack – a gadget from Kururu’s lab. She ascends angelically, a tranquil pose that accentuates the freshness of her adolescent beauty. Her pigtails and skirt flutter delicately, caught in the motion of the air as she hovers above the ground. It is a divine composition, presenting a rare but delightful aspect of the fiery Natsumi.
Here I have paired the piece with Kaiyodo’s Giroro Gochou who is iconically arranged with heavy artillery to defend his warriors’s pride (and the object of his forbidden desires). Giroro is one of my all time favourite characters, so wonderfully proud whilst irresistibly flawed his face is embellished with the motif of the conflicted warrior. He's grade A bishonen material, all for the minor point that he's a pint sized amphibian. Not as if that impedes the fact that I harbour a massive crush on him... Yappari, Giroro ga suki

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Amamiya Manabi

Pure distilled essence of genki, perfectly plump and peppy is Good Smile’s rendition of the heroine from Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!
The story centres on the irrepressibly energetic Amamiya Manabi as she aims to reinvigorate the community sprit in the hearts of the disillusioned students at Seioh Private High School. Hiro’s sculpt is the definitive tribute to this gentle slice of life show that parades perseverance against the adversity of ambivalence.
For me, the highest point of figure mania is a successfully captured sprit, in which the sculptor creates a perfect conduit that communicates the individuality and vivacity of the original character in 3D. For all the abundance of beauty that prevails in the figure industry this remains a rare achievement. The joy of this figure is that it is totally emblematic of the values instilled in Manabi Straight.
The production quality is extremely high in this complex eye-catching piece, which incorporates Manabi’s aero scooter rising out the waves to create the ultimate in dynamic poses. Moe! Panchira prevails in this upbeat treat! Massugu GO!

Kazami Mizuho Swimsuit

Reclining in the curve of a chair like a glassy pudding cup, hair curled elegantly like spun sugar and strawberry sauce, Kazami Mizuho is the flavour of summer as she basks in her lime green bikini. Her beckoning gaze and the sumptuous lines of her body cascade into an irresistible cocktail of peachy skin and sun blushed beauty.
By the grace of Good Smile, 2007 saw the days of summer stretch on endlessly with the sweetness of Sensei.
Truth be told, I have some reservations about the piece, which are mostly due to the fact that the facial sculpt necessitates particular angle to stop her looking utterly gormless ^_^;;
Her body, however, is flawlessly finished with the bikini encroaching deliciously upon the soft flesh. The composition is also quite charming, her jewellery accentuates the delicacy of her pose while the chair is both stylish and subtle echoing the dessert theme. A perfectly balanced 1/7 scale summer sundae, Mizuho is a harmony of tropical decadence.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

C3 x Hobby-chan & Hobby Devil

C3 x Hobby idols of darkness & light Hobby Devil & Hobby-chan present a fan culture face off in a pair of releases from Sol International. This double entrée of delights is hardcore fanfare for the Yoshizaki Mine fanatic. Mine-sensei’s girls are the official mascots of the C3 x Hobby festival – a formidable fusion of mecha and moe.
These models, no doubt owing to the sensibilities of their designer, are hefty for their 1/7 scale and were comparatively expensive, presumably due to their super niche appeal. They certainly lack the smoothness and sophistication of a Good Smile or Alter production but all the same, there’s something so irresistibly otaku-kitsch about them! Sweet as a strawberry parfait Hobby-chan is replete with frills and combat amour whilst the winged Hobby-Devil packs heavy artillery from the dark side. This dynamic duo were truly made to be together! Ambitious contrasting sculpts that climatically combine in the glorious harmony of their poses and interchangeable regalia.

Friday, 5 October 2007


What is it about Zero no Tsukaima? I can’t decide myself, it’s not particularly outstanding but is, nevertheless somehow uniquely charming and quite irresistible to me (a bit like Pocky). It’s compulsively moreish and the packaging of the magical school genre is very appealing. Quite as pretty as a packet of ichigo decorer Pocky is little Louise, the haughty heroine of the novel turned anime series that I have some obscure devotion to. She seems to be an otaku favourite, endlessly conflicted and swift with a whip, her tempestuous character is devoted to honour and diminished by her emotions.
Alter’s Louise is a petit treat, based on a cover illustration from one of the novels. Her cloak and hair flow out behind her in luscious waves of rippled pink and black as she perches on a miniature stepladder. Maintaining her lofty poise, she raises a knee upon which she elegantly rests her hands, becoming the very picture of her noble breeding, were it not for the fact that now her painties are on show.
Alter made a perfect choice for the source of this model but for me there’s something just that bit lacking in the final result. Perhaps this is a consequence of the hybrid design of that seems to have comprised the piece of Louise in the illustration with the veneer of her anime incarnation. Somewhere something vital has been lost, a shame but doubtlessly, my lusts to master Louise help somewhat to quell this gripe.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

OS Idol Win-chan Ver2.0

Pojito! Purun~purun in peachy pink, the perfect companion to perk up your persocom, Mine-sensei returns with the second rendition of the OS Idol Win-chan!
She points a dainty finger, crawling like a kitten across the best ever base, a reflective CD decorated with her little face! Kya! Kaiyodo! Arigatou!
Enoki Tomohide brings the plumpness of Mine’s design to perfect fruition, from the intricacy of her gravity defying curls, to the dreamy balance of ripe fleshy curves poured lusciously into a scanty ensemble.

Kanalia Yuu

Frequent illicit encounters with the unknown character are the quintessence of the figure maniac’s moe. After all, how many have succumbed to the wonderful Ignis without the first grain of knowledge about her source of origin?
And here begins another tale of mysterious romance with devilishly delicious Kanalia Yuu from Kikou Majutsushi Enchanter. At 1/6 this is a sizeable piece but unlike many figures made at this scale, she is delicately composed and quite astoundingly inventive in her construction. She is caught in motion, looking over her shoulder, her attention caught elsewhere as magical books tumble out of her briefcase, her little wings raising her up off the ground.
This is, without a doubt, one of the most blatantly serviced up panchira poses ever! Sculptor Hashimoto Takahiro puts Yuu’s bounteous curves to excellent use, arching her body audaciously to orchestrate the optimum effects of both the pendulous and the perky. Then there’s the charming magical colour change as her hair melts luxuriously from blue into delicate violet. Spellbound, I again became the figure floozy. Do I lament my foolish heart? No, not for a second ^_~

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Ikari Shinji & Kaworu Nagisa

The delicate sakura tint of springtime tragedy, of boys - ephemeral beings with ethereal beauty. This is super boys’ RABU RABU!!! Kyuuuuuu~n ~_~…..
Pardoning my moe moment, Kotobukiya in a wonderful deviation from the regular Rei and Asuka foray, made a surprise return with this pair of figures depicting Evangelion’s Ikari Shinji and Nagisa Kaworu.
I was excited in the desolate wasteland that is the male figure market by this release from Kaiyodo quite in spite of ardent lusts for dynamic pieces. I can’t help it, the arrangement, as sombre and frigid as it may be strikes into that very core that awakens the BL beast sealed within me.
The piece is frustrating but rings true to essence of their relationship to the brief period of calm that exists between them as they maintain a reciprocally inquisitive connection that binds them to each other. I cannot fault the faithful representation that the sculpt of each face offers and as even the great Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, at times has issues with Kaworu’s character design, I appreciate this even more.
Yes! I admit it! My soul screams MOTTO MOTTO!!! It pleads to some indistinct deity for divine mercy – answer my plea to flood the market with male figures to match their sister bounty! If only for variety in my harem, make the legendary image before you into a decadent arrangement! Render my Lelouch! Sculpt me a Soubi! Carve me an Takuto Izumi!....Yappari muri da… orz

Monday, 1 October 2007


It seemed appropriate at the time, as I reached the climax of the notorious series School Days to make this gothic arrangement of blood red roses with Pachira in its honour.
Heisei Democracy did it again, reviewing a beauty that had already piqued my interest, unveiling her secrets making her another sell out sensation.
As luck and United Publications would have her, this lithe vampiric beauty from the game series Renkin 3-Kyu Magical? Poka-n entered my collection, combining what would seem to be impossibly incongruous aspects into one stunning piece. She encompasses merciless cuteness with extreme grace, appearing shy while she extends her body like a lure. This piece is a symphony of Max Factory’s advanced techniques, stunning presentation and one marvellously hot gimmick. A refreshing change from my usual decadent curvy delights, she’s up for re-release again in the spring.

Hinata Aki

Mama love! Celebrate autumn’s bounty with the unseasonably dressed (but appropriately named) Hinata Aki of Keroro Gunsou. Aki in her ripe and buxom glory, in a bathing costume emblazoned with the pika-pika face of Kero-chan encircled by delicate fleshy blooms of orchids.
I yearned for this solid, plump beauty since her release way back in 2005 from Mega House and was delighted when she arrived this summer. It was this model that triggered my interest in Keroro Gunsou and sealed me to my destiny to become a Yoshizaki Mine maniac!
She is everything a Dynamite Mama should be! Strong, firm and full of joy! I adore her, the apparent simplicity of pose cannot diminish how is rich with detail she is, possessing some intangible warmth that makes her wonderfully sexy and so Hinata Aki.