Monday, 29 October 2007


She is, at first glance, a colourful piece, a blushing beauty with a flashy outfit, kicky boots and a sweet placid little face. On closer inspection she is a decadent carnival of costume that only the eroge can inspire in a sculptor.
Alter’s production work here is absolutely second to none. The erotic detailing is astounding, the paintwork on her boots, gloves and bustier are slick and lavish, a perfect shiny emulation of patent material that offsets the pleating and puckering of her pink skirt and bodice to perfection. She is a stunner from every angle, from profile to upskirt, a pure 360ยบ beauty. From the back her hair is a crimson fan, decorated with fluttering golden sashes that create the impression of Escalayer’s spinning movement as she strikes a pose.
It’s this exceptional attention to detail that makes Escalayer stand out. She presents a departure from the conventions of character shorthand to the tantalising realms of realism that let the eye and imagination roam all over her. Her body is told so well through the casting and finishing on the clothes that encroach upon her fleshy curves. She even gets my vote for the best pair of breasts I have encountered on a fully clothed figure (which is mind boggling when you consider just how many that must be).

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