Monday, 1 October 2007

Nendoroid Suzumiya Haruhi & Nagato Yuki

Nendoroid-orama! Good Smile Company, one of my top 3 model manufacturers came up with an ingenious line of figures called nendoroids. Similar to the Kaiyodo Keroro Gunsou shotai series of posable characters with interchangeable props and parts, these models are high class chibis for the model connoisseur with the finest finishing on the market.
First up are the Suzumiya Haruhi figures, with miss melancholy herself and the ever evanescent Nagato Yuki.
Naturally, they are fiddly and difficult to pose but considering how top heavy chibi models are by default, Good Smile reins triumphant with these masterful and charming creations! Haruhi’s character brims with a volatile potency so I posed her up accordingly to add a bit of steadfast genki moe to my days. Yuki, so sweetly antisocial is like me, to be found most commonly on the outskirts, nose in a book amongst the veritable carnival, which is my figure wonderland. Chibi deluxe BANZAI \(^o^)/

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