Thursday, 24 July 2008

Kanu Unchou (Alter)

With the wisdom of crocodiles and the destiny of dragons, Kanu Unchou’s formidible power spirals out in this incredible work from Alter.
The piece is alive with a predatory power, her beauty has a dark ferocity like that of a panther, Kanu is a wild creature of grace wrapped in robust musculature.
Within the heart of the whirlwind composition is the taught body of a warrior. Her form is draped in the girlish pleats and ties of a high school uniform that ripples away from the curves as if caught in aura of her spirit.
Ikki Tousen girls, by their very design, were made to be undressed. Their clothes are superfluous, temporary obstacles in the way of fanservice that have but one destiny; to be torn to shreds in the heat of battle. The flimsy garments vaguely resemble high girlish attire but they are completely incongruous with their mature battle ready bodies. In reality, the clothes are disposable decorations to be ripped off with relish, the Ikki Tousen girls just come gift wrapped.
Sculptor Mirano’s crafting presents Kanu’s character with perfect execution. The combination of the robust form and the skimpy sailor ensemble expresses all the potency of her power dressed up in the trashy mores of uniform fetish. It is the perfect image of a pulp heroine icon.
The whole composition moves with a dancer’s rhythm. The silky whips of hair that sinuously swirl into elegant spirals create a choreography of pure energy. The undulations of curves and raven tresses are bisected by a length of steel. A proud and unyielding guardian Kanu arches her body against the pole of weapon she wields with a steady and sultry gaze.
Kanu Unchou is a popular sculptural subject in PVC portraiture but Alter’s latest version is perhaps the most faithful and formidable to date. For me this is a work that retains her nobility whilst achieving the necessary juxtaposition of pop culture trash aesthetics.

The Guan Dao, her signature weapon, is exquisitely finished in shades of graphite and silver. The extensive pole rests elegantly in Kanu’s fingers as if it were as light as air. A dragon headed blade shimmers in the skillful emulation of a deadly crescent of steel.
For all the transcendent qualities of the character sculpt, the highest points rest upon the full firmness of the muscular thighs as they meet the curve of her buttocks. The view is too good to be confined to a castoff and is exposed by the fluttering veil of her pleated skirt. Ensnared in a pair of tiny white panties, the peachy flesh is gorgeously curved and delicately shaded. This is possibly one of the finest posteriors in PVC.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Yamada Ayumi Creators' Labo #007

Iron Maiden Ayu, the hot headed heartbreak heroine of Hachimitsu to Kurova sits in sweet serenity in a piece from Yamoto’s Creators’ Labo.
Ayumi is a mighty marvel of the arts and by virtue of her latent crafting genius, she holds legendary status among the pottery department alumni. The fragile elegance of her works and the delicacy of a porcelain feminine fa├žade, however, belie a ferocious spirit. Cross Yamada and you are in for a world of pain.

The tragedy of Ayu’s character spurs from fatal flaw in the composition of her emotions. The unrequited affections she harbours for her laconic love interest Mayama shatters the hopes of her youth on the jagged points of a love triangle.
This is the world of Hachimitsu to Kurova, a whimsical portrait that paints in pastel hues the most painfully profound elements that move and make the human heart.

As a sweet ocean siren, Ayu is quite irresistible in this unique treasure. She is a refreshing dip into a sea of change for my figure collection.
The fairytale motif is cupcake cute whilst evoking memories of misfortune as told in Hans Christian Anderson’s most famous misadventures of a mermaid. The melancholy maiden blushes like the pale pink heart of an empty conch shell abandoned on the shore.
As for quality, the figure falls foul of Yamato’s production shortcomings. The sweetness of the pastel palette is soured by a messy painted finish that mars the promise of the smooth preorder promos. The piece is still charming and her petit stature helps to conceal the more problematic elements of her facial sculpt.

The kitsch cuteness of this nostalgic figure would be better served cast in china with a glassy glaze like collectable trinkets of my childhood, though the product of Yamato’s efforts still suffice to tempt me to their treasure chest.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Luffy, Sanji & Robin Portraits of Pirates Mild

Mega House sets sail into the sea of memories with their new line from the One Piece Portraits of Pirates. The first of 3 Mild vignettes feature the childhood incarnations of the indomitable Luffy, little love cook Sanji and scholarly Robin. Each partially poseable poppet comes equipped with accessories and an alternate expression.
The narrative course plotted in One Piece storms full speed ahead towards the uncharted horizons of the sublime. In the dizzying whirlpool world of wonders, it is the startling individuality and vivacity of the characters that hauls the reader aboard the madcap voyage.
Ooda’s colourful crew is crafted with unfathomable ingenuity and sensitivity, rising from the depths of the past to reveal what lies beneath the surface identities of the Going Merry shipmates. The buried treasures of their memories are unearthed in harrowing and often humorous back stories in that bring to light the precious elements of that compose the core ethos of each character.
The Mild Portraits capture the nostalgic flavour of each character’s unique historical interlude. These tiny treats possessed, to my surprise, a charm unsoured by what could have been sickly brattish facades. The kids are wonderful little souvenirs of childhood, like trinkets from different ports to mark the moments of a journey.
The larger than life persona of gutsy Gumdrop Captain Monkey D. Luffy is encapsulated in this tiny piece that expresses his appetite for adventure (and for a feast). Ready to embark upon epic journeys and meals with relish, he raises knife and fork in a celebration of an insatiable hunger for life.
Little Sanji, kusogaki, stands proud in his cook’s uniform equipped with a shining blade. Before cutting through the legions of ladies in his lascivious later life, Sanji is ready to carve up a cordon bleu carnival in the kitchen.
Young Robin holds close to her studies, clasping a large tome in her arms to symbolise her love of knowledge. A stayed and uncommonly mature girl, she has the budding of hints of elegance that later blossom into the stunning beauty of her womanhood.
Steering a quite a different course from the chibi figure fare with these perfect pocket sized pirates, Mega House have excelled in their customary crafting create a unique collection, which by the time of this posting sets sail for new horizons with Zorro, Nami and her sister, Nojiko!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Miyafuji Miina

Miyafuji Miina, is beach beautiful in a classic Onegai Twins summer sweet by Good Smile, sculpted by Tanaka Touji.
Miina’s pose captures the heart of the season with nostalgic allure. She embodies all the mischief of adolescence, provocatively poking out her tongue as she tugs at the soaked shirt that clings to her skin. The wet translucence of the cloth reveals the pale peachy curves beneath as the yellow bikini top dangles from her raised hand. This playful portrait of her personality is marked with a boldness that skirts the edges of adult desire.
Bright as sunflowers and as sumptuous as the rosy flesh of sliced watermelon, Miina sexily sizzles in the high heat of summer sunshine.

This is one of my all time favourite pieces, the basic elements are simple but perfectly aligned. Tanaka’s anatomical work is stunning and he seems to have taken particular care on the musculature of her bare legs. His work celebrates the fresh beauty of Miina’s youth and adds real substance to the solidity and charm of the composition. For this, the erotic overtones are all the more enchanting, enticing the eye towards the partial exposure of her breasts.
Despite the 2005 vintage, the production work is accomplished to perfection. The effects of the finishing are not hampered a lack of sophistication whatsoever and boast a rich tonal palette that combines flawlessly with the sculpt with optimum results.
Miina’s sweetness has refreshing flavour like a spoonful of iced berry sherbet. The taste is reminiscent of the irresistible bitter sweet tang of first love encounters under the endlessly blue summer sky that is mirrored in her eyes.