Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Luffy, Sanji & Robin Portraits of Pirates Mild

Mega House sets sail into the sea of memories with their new line from the One Piece Portraits of Pirates. The first of 3 Mild vignettes feature the childhood incarnations of the indomitable Luffy, little love cook Sanji and scholarly Robin. Each partially poseable poppet comes equipped with accessories and an alternate expression.
The narrative course plotted in One Piece storms full speed ahead towards the uncharted horizons of the sublime. In the dizzying whirlpool world of wonders, it is the startling individuality and vivacity of the characters that hauls the reader aboard the madcap voyage.
Ooda’s colourful crew is crafted with unfathomable ingenuity and sensitivity, rising from the depths of the past to reveal what lies beneath the surface identities of the Going Merry shipmates. The buried treasures of their memories are unearthed in harrowing and often humorous back stories in that bring to light the precious elements of that compose the core ethos of each character.
The Mild Portraits capture the nostalgic flavour of each character’s unique historical interlude. These tiny treats possessed, to my surprise, a charm unsoured by what could have been sickly brattish facades. The kids are wonderful little souvenirs of childhood, like trinkets from different ports to mark the moments of a journey.
The larger than life persona of gutsy Gumdrop Captain Monkey D. Luffy is encapsulated in this tiny piece that expresses his appetite for adventure (and for a feast). Ready to embark upon epic journeys and meals with relish, he raises knife and fork in a celebration of an insatiable hunger for life.
Little Sanji, kusogaki, stands proud in his cook’s uniform equipped with a shining blade. Before cutting through the legions of ladies in his lascivious later life, Sanji is ready to carve up a cordon bleu carnival in the kitchen.
Young Robin holds close to her studies, clasping a large tome in her arms to symbolise her love of knowledge. A stayed and uncommonly mature girl, she has the budding of hints of elegance that later blossom into the stunning beauty of her womanhood.
Steering a quite a different course from the chibi figure fare with these perfect pocket sized pirates, Mega House have excelled in their customary crafting create a unique collection, which by the time of this posting sets sail for new horizons with Zorro, Nami and her sister, Nojiko!

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I like very much your idea for the photos of POP;) Luffy, on the plate decorated with ham, it is great!