Thursday, 29 November 2007

Jo - Bakuretsu Tenshi

The fusion of Wild West and post apocalyptic bishojo badass, is Jo from Gonzo’s Bakuretsu Tenshi. Alter’s pose is Dynamic and sassy, a divine composition of intersections that accentuate the carved lines of her taught musculature against the straps and chaps of her combat garb. The blue inking of tattoo that casts icy shards onto the warmth of her tan as her extended firearms form a shield across her robust form. The coat that flaps wildly about her shoulders is fully removable but it gives the whole pose a kind of Clint Eastwood cool that recalls the iconic dynamism of a spaghetti western.
The gunslinger is masterfully immortalised in this flawless sculpt, which is the perfect realisation of the Ugetsu Hakua design. A bullet proof pose and cast that appeases both my penchant for chaps and valiant heroines in one fell swoop.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Kazami Mizuho (Max Factory)

A milestone in the fledgling years of my figure mania, in the opening chapters of the quest for divine curvature, the temptation of eggshell fragility, the original crème de la crème of Kazami Mizuho is Max Factory’s completed resin production from way back in November 2003.
She was my first desire, my first lesson with Sensei has never since been sweeter. This is the definitive piece, Mizuho in private away from the classroom, tantalisingly dishevelled like a milk truffle half unwrapped as she indulges in Pochy. MOE!
The piece is frighteningly delicate, so lusciously finished and cast in a material that gives her skin a lustrous sheen that illuminates her beauty to perfection. Mizuho reclines luxuriantly on a plump cushion, which atop the polished wooden base becomes a throne to seat this work of excellence. Her well-manicured fingers rest on miniature carton of her habitual confectionary delight. I’ve not seen a resin piece so wondrous since, it has placed the standard high and upon such a lofty pedestal that I can scarcely contemplate the possibility of dethroning my Queen of figures. Nay, she is in a class of her own from the tips of her toes, to that exquisite peak of her pink antenna Sensei is simply SU-TE-KI♥. Oshiete kudasai Sensei! \(*Д*)/

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Ignis (Alter)

Oh, Ignis Divine! Heroine of the game Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo soars to celestial status as the undisputed darling of the PVC market. She has strutted her stuff for the all the major production players and has thus become the icon of the repeat habit for figure maniacs everywhere.
This version is my 4th indulgence in the fiery Madame Butterfly. Alter’s Ignis against her burning bright sisters from Kaiyodo, Orchid Seed and Max Factory casts a cooler, ashen hue. Yet her amethyst eyes shine with a ferocious spirit and the energy of her stance emanates an intense heat like embers within a pyre.
The sculpt is dynamic at every turn, a unique pose that glows with movement and energy, expressed in the rippling lines of her dress and by the muscles of her taught thighs. The prongs of hair, the katana blade and the arched winglets on the back of her dress carve Ignis like a sharpened rune. Her elegance is re-envisioned with beautiful defiance signalling the power of the inferno within. Alter excel once more with this incredible piece, proving that with Ignis, it is impossible to have too much of a good thing.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Azusagawa Tsukino Bikini Version

Elegant lines and smooth pale, buttery skin are the rich gourmet delights of Azusagawa Tsukino Alter have once more turned their hands of the sun to craft this beach beauty fresh from Yakitate Japan!
Given the context of her character, Tsukino’s beauty is evocative of the delicate yet highly delicious taste of wagashi. Her flavours, both sharp and sweet are like the summery citrus of yuzu, rounded by the plump bite of smooth white beans. With the heat of summer and the flavours of autumn, here she basks in the rich glow of the twilight moon, emerging from the box of seasonal moon buns from the Minamoto Kitchoan.
Sadly, Alter’s 2nd Yakitate collaboration with Happinet lacks the flawless finish of their independent works. For all the sumptuous richness of Tsukino’s body, the adornment of the frilled bikini suffers from inelegant painting that mars the delicate form of the cast. Nevertheless, this sultry little hotcake is a petite treat in her kneeling pose that still whets my appetite. The full bloom of Tsukino’s curvaceous body makes her the perfect moonchild to celebrate the bounty of autumn.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Fauna Megachu! (Alter)

Fauna no genki ni naru no! Alter’s beautiful sculpt of the eroge goddess from Megachu is one of those perfect pick-me-up pieces that makes figure mania so enlivening. Her peachy-sweet cheer is a sparkling elixir, full-bodied and luscious, fortified with fine detailing. Fauna is motion captured moe, poised mid-prance exposing her polka dot panties. This shiny little 1/8 scale sugar is another jewel in Alter’s crown of excellence, perfectly formed and enchantingly composed with feathered winglets in her flowing pink hair. Aaah, haru no kaze no youni ~_~…

Misa-Misa Nendoroid

She’s up to something nasty! Idol Misa Amane, Yagami Light’s little love slave appears in full Goth Loli glory in Good Smile’s Nendoroid line.
Death Note's Misa-Misa is a perfect mini mix of the kawaii and the macabre. A sweet porcelain dolly mixture that is the candied essence of the Goth Loli style. As a nendoroid she is an irresistible bite-sized morsel, right down to the stockings and suspenders! Like her full-sized counterpart, her cuteness is laced with something that alludes to darkness, concealing a deadly secret like a poisoned berry. Just because she’s cute, doesn’t mean she’s not out to get you!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Oni Musume IV

The award for Best Bome acquisition 2007 goes to… Oni Musume IV! My personal favourite in the recent extensive Kaiyodo chronicles is this mysteriously unsung beauty.
Personally, I find that Bome’s best work is not his customary urbane standing poses but on the seated or prancing figures such as Halloween-chan,and Isoroku Yamamoto. After breaking out of the conventional mould Bome’s ability to illuminate the iconic dynamism of the original design shines brightly. The sculpts become playful and are infused with a lustrous energy that celebrate the soaring spirit of otaku!
Oni-Musume’s kitschy old school style with her tiger skin bikini and armour plated toes invokes a lovely Lum-chan flavoured nostalgia. Her hair rises like an inferno, her body curled onto the palm of an ornamental oni hand rising and melting out of a crystalline pool. The enchanting composition conceals a ferocious spiked mace behind her cradled form, making her demonic dance all the more mischievous.