Thursday, 1 November 2007

Oni Musume IV

The award for Best Bome acquisition 2007 goes to… Oni Musume IV! My personal favourite in the recent extensive Kaiyodo chronicles is this mysteriously unsung beauty.
Personally, I find that Bome’s best work is not his customary urbane standing poses but on the seated or prancing figures such as Halloween-chan,and Isoroku Yamamoto. After breaking out of the conventional mould Bome’s ability to illuminate the iconic dynamism of the original design shines brightly. The sculpts become playful and are infused with a lustrous energy that celebrate the soaring spirit of otaku!
Oni-Musume’s kitschy old school style with her tiger skin bikini and armour plated toes invokes a lovely Lum-chan flavoured nostalgia. Her hair rises like an inferno, her body curled onto the palm of an ornamental oni hand rising and melting out of a crystalline pool. The enchanting composition conceals a ferocious spiked mace behind her cradled form, making her demonic dance all the more mischievous.

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