Thursday, 29 November 2007

Jo - Bakuretsu Tenshi

The fusion of Wild West and post apocalyptic bishojo badass, is Jo from Gonzo’s Bakuretsu Tenshi. Alter’s pose is Dynamic and sassy, a divine composition of intersections that accentuate the carved lines of her taught musculature against the straps and chaps of her combat garb. The blue inking of tattoo that casts icy shards onto the warmth of her tan as her extended firearms form a shield across her robust form. The coat that flaps wildly about her shoulders is fully removable but it gives the whole pose a kind of Clint Eastwood cool that recalls the iconic dynamism of a spaghetti western.
The gunslinger is masterfully immortalised in this flawless sculpt, which is the perfect realisation of the Ugetsu Hakua design. A bullet proof pose and cast that appeases both my penchant for chaps and valiant heroines in one fell swoop.

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