Monday, 31 March 2008

Tachibana Rei

Behind a pair or spectacles, the keen eyes of Tachibana Rei oversee the progress of my fastidious hours of language studies in a classic piece from Alter.
With mental maturity to match her curvaceous body, Rei is resourceful, an astute business woman, a master chef of Chinese cuisine and the harbinger of moral guidance to the precocious 10 year old teacher, Becky. In short, she is a formidable force of constancy, the one stable pillar of in the madcap land of Pani Poni Dash! In the kaleidoscope of unrelenting madness she resides in the dark shadow of sanity that bisects dizzying psychotropic world. Pani Poni is more alarming, perhaps, than even Studio Shaft’s later descent into madness with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei– as anarchy reigns supreme in something that scarcely resembles narrative let alone what it pertains to be - a high school romp. It delights in habit of the eclectic cultural poaching and features a great deal of arbitrary erotic styling of its characters. Rei is perhaps the most sexualised of all the girls, owing perhaps to her fabulous form! In this sultry sculpt recreated from the anime opening sequence, the ice queen burns as bright as a tigress. Her cold predatory persona exudes a feline elegance in the sinuous dips and curves of a body that belies adolescence. Irresistible megane moe combines with a school girl that not only goes against the grain, she laconically makes it her scratching post.

Sunday, 23 March 2008


Presenting my debut in the wonderland of 1/1 scale figures is CM’s Potemayo! LIFE SIZE (pictured with my homebaked Easter Simnel cake)!
The series, much like its star, is the surreal comedy that germinates from the most peculiar and unlikely of places, that touches upon those aspects of life that other shows dare not touch (perhaps for fear of contamination)! The bizarre scenario is remarkable for the fact that amidst the fluffy magical cuteness, it flaunts the unfettered truth of the both the sweet and the sickenly sour sides of life >_<;; In the portrayal of Pote-chan, it pulls no punches about the unpalatable reality of cute creatures, that they have the alarming power to destroy their charm in an instant. Potemayo is peppered with these instants and incidents that make this slice of life satire more alarming than finding new life in your fridge. Potemayo is greedy, noisy, territorial and not completely house trained. The antagonistic relationship she has with the tiny chick that nests on her head is more parasitic than companionable. In fact, the foul creature has habits that enrage and abhor even the irksome Pote-chan. CM’s Potemayo brings to life the irrepressible cuteness that shines through the squalid in a piece that is as… um tasteful… as the gaudiest of cherub adornments from the Renaissance. She is my squishy little dish of angel delight, which, to my surprise, I have managed to stomach without incurring an intense bellyache!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Asugawa Tsukino (Pantasia Uniform Version)

Goooooooood Friday!
As I have a penchant for things both gourmet and gorgeous, I decided that world’s most delicate chocolate egg could only rightfully be paired with the sultry queen of culinary excellence, Asugawa Tsukino. The lustrous L’ Oeuf Dentelle, crafted by the fine confectioners Laduree is a milk chocolate lattice – a fabulous work of filigree wrapped in a cute pink ribbon. The egg itself is a tiny chest of treasures encasing a whimsical assortment of candied secrets within its pretty little heart.
The lace egg, however, for all its sweet allure is no match for the sumptuous temptation of Tsukino in all her elegant glory. This is every inch a legendary piece from Alter (distributed by Happinet). Based on one of the many saucy vignettes to grace the volumes of Yakitate Japan, this is the ultimate sexy Tsukino.
It is a charming image of the impudent baker who might dare to lick those delicate fingers she inclines towards the tip of her tongue. It is a fan service pièce de résistance that celebrates all the fine beauty and natural eroticism that her design exudes. This departure from the mild mannered girl offers an irresistible image that is so wickedly taboo and devilishly indulgent.
The lingering trace of her refined breeding manifests itself in the shape of those fingers that echo the elegance of a noble lady holding a fan. Exquisite Easter!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Sawatari Izumi

Oh my maid! This delight in black and white seems to purr “Okaerinasaimase Go-shujin-sama!”... Yeah right, this is, after all Sawatari Izumi who would rather suffer innumerable traumas before pronouncing subservience to her lecherous master. So it seems somewhat inappropriate orchestrate a scene that creates warm welcome from the ever reluctant high school maid in her mortifyingly immodest attire. Alas poor Izumi, is the innate power of her full bodied allure that designates her as the eternal ground zero of chaos.
In He is My Master, the ridiculous saga of maid harem hijinks, Izumi is the subject of countless indiscretions at the merciless hands of her employer, her admirers and even (perhaps worst of all) her monstrously manipulative little sister Mitsuki. If this wasn’t bad enough, the icing on the cake of this veritable slice of strife is the Sawatari sisters’ pet alligator, Pochi, a lecherous beast who is a far cry from being cold blooded.
In Polygonia’s sculpt Izumi strikes a pose that allows the hapless heroine a precious moment to make a dignified display of the costume’s finer points. Standing tall, she extends the elegant legs in the silken shadows of black stockings. The curves of her body are whipped into creamy frills that deliciously dress the sumptuous servant. The tips of her gloved fingers play at the edge of an unsnapped garter. The flight of the airborne strap invokes a sense of unbalance, a reminder that wherever Izumi’s beauty shines, havoc is seldom far behind. The captured stillness of her form is a contrasting oasis of tranquillity reflected in the aquamarine hue of her eyes.
Enter Brain’s production of Sawatari Izumi is by far my favourite He is My Master model. She transcends the horror of her fate for all of a wonderful moment in which the costume she wears is, for once quite becoming. Faithful to the perverted potentials (which tend to become a certainty for Izumi) her skirt can be removed to flaunt the fine lingerie that her fans are always clamouring for.
The only criticism to make of the this heavenly maid is that her skin tone is quite alarmingly pink. This something that becomes all the more apparent when she is aligned with other members of her pvc kin, causing a slight disruption in the harmony of one’s harem. But it is a minor, trifling matter and as a piece alone she is a proud monument to the insurmountablity of maid moe.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tsukimiya Ayu

Kanon is the winter tale of memories as fragile as delicate slithers of ice, of dreams escaping into the chill like a misty shuddering of warm breath. It is the hazy reminiscence of a forgotten past, of lost childhood and of old magic swept along on the bitter icy wind.
The young heroine Tsukimiya Ayu is brought perfectly to life in this melancholy sculpt by Max Factory, a piece that dances in the light of a cold winter morning as enchantingly as the first flakes of falling snow. It’s little wonder that this figure disappeared off the market as promptly as it did after her release in winter 2007 ^_^.
The subtlety of Ayu’s innocent charm recalls every moment of her part in bittersweet tale. Her hands, nestled snugly within a pair of mittens, are clasped to her breast as she waits expectantly for an old friend to return to her. When the angelic wings are unfurled, she commands an ethereal elegance that makes Ayu’s entire being shine with intense beauty. Marked by fragility and tragedy the wings bring new life to Ayu with enchanting luminescence.
I was lucky with these shots, it was a frosty morning and seemed absolutely perfect for framing Ayu amongst the snowdrops and on the pedestal of the frozen birdbath. She’s a lucky figure all together, one that happened to come back into stock miraculously after being discontinued. The anime series itself was one that took a while to get into. Fearing a sappy saga that would be unbearably saccharine I watched with reservation … and then found myself helplessly caught up in the momentum and mystery, sniffling into a pillow as the story took me to places I hadn’t expected it to.Max Factory’s Ayu is for me the definitive image of Kanon, evoking a swirling play of emotions.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Nendoroid Al Azif

The sugary swirling of snowy white icing, the sunny yellow of jelly lemon slices with a rainbow sprinkling of candy flowers and nonpareils. What could possibly make a cupcake sweeter? Only the addition of a secret special ingredient ^_~ Al Azif, the lavender-haired lolita from Good Smile’s nendoroid series makes an adorable appearance on the merry cake tier.
The Nitro+ series Demonbane presents the delicate Al Azif as the personification of the Lovecraft’s legendary tome the Necromomicon. In her creamy white gown with its blood red fastenings of ribbon Al Azif is a dream in goth lolita. Contrary to the pretence of girlish fragility, she is formidable and fierce. The nendoroid styling seals this potent fury in a candied coating making Al Azif a sour sherbet lemon to suck at your peril.Al Azif’s ornate outfit and tresses are reduced from their wedding cake grandeur to cupcakey cuteness in their nendoroid form. She is accompanied by her nekomimi headset and the yellow gumdrop Cyclops mascot. Under her frilly skirts, Al Azif’s panties are the sweet colour of matcha parfait. Pure cream of condensed kawaii!