Monday, 10 March 2008

Nendoroid Al Azif

The sugary swirling of snowy white icing, the sunny yellow of jelly lemon slices with a rainbow sprinkling of candy flowers and nonpareils. What could possibly make a cupcake sweeter? Only the addition of a secret special ingredient ^_~ Al Azif, the lavender-haired lolita from Good Smile’s nendoroid series makes an adorable appearance on the merry cake tier.
The Nitro+ series Demonbane presents the delicate Al Azif as the personification of the Lovecraft’s legendary tome the Necromomicon. In her creamy white gown with its blood red fastenings of ribbon Al Azif is a dream in goth lolita. Contrary to the pretence of girlish fragility, she is formidable and fierce. The nendoroid styling seals this potent fury in a candied coating making Al Azif a sour sherbet lemon to suck at your peril.Al Azif’s ornate outfit and tresses are reduced from their wedding cake grandeur to cupcakey cuteness in their nendoroid form. She is accompanied by her nekomimi headset and the yellow gumdrop Cyclops mascot. Under her frilly skirts, Al Azif’s panties are the sweet colour of matcha parfait. Pure cream of condensed kawaii!

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