Monday, 17 March 2008

Sawatari Izumi

Oh my maid! This delight in black and white seems to purr “Okaerinasaimase Go-shujin-sama!”... Yeah right, this is, after all Sawatari Izumi who would rather suffer innumerable traumas before pronouncing subservience to her lecherous master. So it seems somewhat inappropriate orchestrate a scene that creates warm welcome from the ever reluctant high school maid in her mortifyingly immodest attire. Alas poor Izumi, is the innate power of her full bodied allure that designates her as the eternal ground zero of chaos.
In He is My Master, the ridiculous saga of maid harem hijinks, Izumi is the subject of countless indiscretions at the merciless hands of her employer, her admirers and even (perhaps worst of all) her monstrously manipulative little sister Mitsuki. If this wasn’t bad enough, the icing on the cake of this veritable slice of strife is the Sawatari sisters’ pet alligator, Pochi, a lecherous beast who is a far cry from being cold blooded.
In Polygonia’s sculpt Izumi strikes a pose that allows the hapless heroine a precious moment to make a dignified display of the costume’s finer points. Standing tall, she extends the elegant legs in the silken shadows of black stockings. The curves of her body are whipped into creamy frills that deliciously dress the sumptuous servant. The tips of her gloved fingers play at the edge of an unsnapped garter. The flight of the airborne strap invokes a sense of unbalance, a reminder that wherever Izumi’s beauty shines, havoc is seldom far behind. The captured stillness of her form is a contrasting oasis of tranquillity reflected in the aquamarine hue of her eyes.
Enter Brain’s production of Sawatari Izumi is by far my favourite He is My Master model. She transcends the horror of her fate for all of a wonderful moment in which the costume she wears is, for once quite becoming. Faithful to the perverted potentials (which tend to become a certainty for Izumi) her skirt can be removed to flaunt the fine lingerie that her fans are always clamouring for.
The only criticism to make of the this heavenly maid is that her skin tone is quite alarmingly pink. This something that becomes all the more apparent when she is aligned with other members of her pvc kin, causing a slight disruption in the harmony of one’s harem. But it is a minor, trifling matter and as a piece alone she is a proud monument to the insurmountablity of maid moe.

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super rats said...

I love the second shot. It shows off her curves.

I've never seen this show, but my favorite as far as character design goes is Anna. I'm guessing she's not as important to the show as the two sisters since I think I've seen the fewest number of pictures of her compared with Izumi and Mitsuki.