Sunday, 23 March 2008


Presenting my debut in the wonderland of 1/1 scale figures is CM’s Potemayo! LIFE SIZE (pictured with my homebaked Easter Simnel cake)!
The series, much like its star, is the surreal comedy that germinates from the most peculiar and unlikely of places, that touches upon those aspects of life that other shows dare not touch (perhaps for fear of contamination)! The bizarre scenario is remarkable for the fact that amidst the fluffy magical cuteness, it flaunts the unfettered truth of the both the sweet and the sickenly sour sides of life >_<;; In the portrayal of Pote-chan, it pulls no punches about the unpalatable reality of cute creatures, that they have the alarming power to destroy their charm in an instant. Potemayo is peppered with these instants and incidents that make this slice of life satire more alarming than finding new life in your fridge. Potemayo is greedy, noisy, territorial and not completely house trained. The antagonistic relationship she has with the tiny chick that nests on her head is more parasitic than companionable. In fact, the foul creature has habits that enrage and abhor even the irksome Pote-chan. CM’s Potemayo brings to life the irrepressible cuteness that shines through the squalid in a piece that is as… um tasteful… as the gaudiest of cherub adornments from the Renaissance. She is my squishy little dish of angel delight, which, to my surprise, I have managed to stomach without incurring an intense bellyache!

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lu-k said...

Kyaaaa~ the huge Potemayo xD
Kawaii! She looks great, so funny ^^