Friday, 22 February 2008

FREEing Nagato Yuki

The next of the FREEing bunny girl sculpts is the celestial ice maiden Nagato Yuki
The sobering yin to Haruhi’s raging yang, Yuki’s aura of calm is beautiful yet as cold as an expanse of ice. The glassy pools of her hazel eyes and the peach blossom hue of her smooth skin offer the only warmth in this elegant composition.
Much like her presence in the SOS clubroom, Yuki’s costume is curiously mismatched to her being. Her svelte body rests modestly within the gaudy attire and quite unlike her companions is the PVC that exceeds her form. The bodice casts its slick glimmer over Yuki like a snowdrift, flowing across the body in subtle dips and curves across her ribcage and chest.
What she does not possess in prominent curvature she makes up for in stature. This loftly piece stands 42cm tall above her peers. Once more FREEing have created the perfect realisation of a character from this iconic series. I have an intense fondness for the evanescent Yuki and conversely, the scale and costume do not negate the attributes of her stayed persona, in fact it celebrates its every subtlety to perfection.

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