Friday, 1 February 2008

Rin Tousaka Noble Maid

Rin Tousaka of the Fate/Stay fame maintains a noble air that belies the modest Victorian attire that she sports with grace. Her cheeks glow with the energy of a fastidious housemaid as she sweeps her skirts around her in a glorious movement, the billowing fabric captures the motion of her elegance.
This modest 1/8 piece from Good Smile Company brings to life the Fantasy Noble Maid costume with splendour. Despite her tiny size, the dynamic arcs of her flowing apron and gown express the brimming force of Rin’s personality. The noble maid costume celebrates her lady’s pride that she carries off with ease. It is the motion and vitality expressed by the modeller that makes this figure such an eye catching success. Rin is utterly charming, enrobed in regal red that counteracts the customary appearance of a servant’s servile reticence. The prissy fastenings and high lace up boots all indicate Rin’s personal restraint, which becomes a wonderful contrast to Saber’s French maid attire. The fresh white of her headdress and apron are lavishly crafted with frills and fastened with bows to create a fiery carnival of maid moe!

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