Friday, 1 February 2008

Amami Haruka

IdolmAster's Amami Haruka expresses the irrepressible charm of the girl with a big heart whose power is akin to that of the idiot savant. She is in truth a formidable soul, in possession of innate skill and core strength disarmingly veiled by a ditzy exterior. As bubbly as a sodapop, Haruka is the ripest little peach on the beach in her pale pink bikini.
The triumph of Good Smile figures is not in flawless production; rather it is in their conveyance of individuality. It is this that ties the character their essential aspects and gives them vitality, setting Good Smile’s artistry far apart from other makers such as Kotobukiya.
Beach Haruka is a glorious vision of blossoming youth! Her 1/8 body is both small and delicate yet sweetly curved in all the right places. The pose is incredibly cute, peppy and energetic, she is poised on one dainty little sandal as she kicks off her shorts and makes for the waves. The sculpt is uncomplicated but the simple composition exudes happiness and perfectly captures her cheerful spirit. A piece that never fails to make me happy like rays of summer sunshine. Haruka’s high point (for there are always some to note on GSC gals) is her exquisitely crafted waist. The small of her back dips, forming a subtly protruding arch on the surface of her belly. The clinging cloth of the bikini briefs ripples into creases following the form of her body as if they were tugged on in an exited hurry to get ready for the beach.
(For a full illustrious view of Haruka check out the accomplished work on the HappySoda rundown).

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