Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Namae Nai Onna

The intriguing moniker of the gorgeous gunslinger Namae Nai Onna (Woman with no Name) invites us to 360 degrees of dynamic craftsmanship from the ever impeccable Alter.
Many of the most astounding pieces presented for the figure maniac’s delight and amusement have sprung from realms of gaming design paragons, Nitro+. With the illustrious Lamento, Tougainu no Chi, Demonbane and Jingai Makyo to their credit, their characters have become icons of the modelling world in their own right (such as conspicuous beauties such as the flame-haired Ignis). Ignited by this potent pool of inspiration, Alter have sparked an explosive floorshow, presenting the wild women of Zoku Satsuriku no Jango in a dynamite duet of models, debuting with this burnished blonde beauty.
The nameless one is an ornate whirlwind of a woman. She leaps into the oblivion of battle with a devil may care expression curling her lips. Loaded with a double entrée of detailed firearms, this lady is a killer of the highest calibre. Alter have taken exceptional initiative with the presentation of this piece, gilding the art of the original illustration with fine detail and stunning composition. Sculpted in 3D, her deadly dance becomes a carnival of wonders, with dazzling sights from every angle. But then, this model does have its kooks. The gravity defying pose is elevated by the most curious of stepping stones (a head with a huge pink elongated tongue) and features a superfluous bonus of soft cleavage under her costume. There is one hell of a lot of personality in this piece and these extras, though hazarding towards overkill do nothing to diminish her abundant charm and lustre. 0-Nothing is studded with delectable motifs, a blasphemously placed white cross spans the sole of her boot, an ominous herald adorns her hat in the form of a skull & crossbones. Her overcoat flails behind her in wing-like tatters, the curvaceous body is confined to a tight ensemble lusciously rendered with hearts and swirls. Truly a formidable femme fatale, a veritable angel of death.

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