Wednesday, 6 February 2008


What is the often the only thing to bring beauty to the sterile expanse of the office? The answer is Office Ladies! (=ω=)
Combining the erotic with exquisite business couture, is the sumptuous Mirei-san from the Art of Shunya Yamashita series. She is easily the greatest piece Kotobukiya have produced. The office chair becomes the lady’s throne as her beauty commands the gaze to the elegance of her form. Her coquettish expression is heightened by the contemplative gesture she makes as she inclines a silver pen towards her lips. She is a beckoning modern beauty, her pose extending the view of the holdup stockings that grace her beautiful legs. The resonant jouissance that dances across the figure is heightened by addition of a single shoe that is merely to be balanced on the tip of her dainty outstretched toe. This is uncommonly good work from Kotobukiya who certainly have excelled in the Yamashita series, creating piece after memorable piece, Mirei-san hailing as the Boss to rule them all (^_~) I love this woman.

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