Friday, 22 February 2008

Nendoroid Nao

The magic of Nendoroids is that if once encountered, you are always enchanted. Their charming proportions crop up in my collection with decorative and happy freshness. They are like tiny buds of the first plucky blossoms to emerge in the cusp of spring. Good Smile’s sweet chibi vignettes are tiny posies, arranged to become of highest calibre of cuteness.
Little Nao of the game Mabonogi was another irresistible incognito impulse buy… However, I am able to placate my ignorance with fact that she beings sweet harmony to my bookshelf ^_^
The sorceress’s hair is of the pale hue of heather honey, her eyes like the dusky summer sky. Nao’s tiny costume flows from her body in a miniaturised form of the elegant translucent gown she wears in the game. With the beauty of the Milky Way and midnight, the nendoroid commands surprising elegance in this petite incarnation. Amongst her complimentary caboodle, Nao possesses a staff and an adorable owl familiar (ovo)!!! So cute! I had to pop him on her little head! Kya!

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