Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Azusagawa Tsukino Bikini Version

Elegant lines and smooth pale, buttery skin are the rich gourmet delights of Azusagawa Tsukino Alter have once more turned their hands of the sun to craft this beach beauty fresh from Yakitate Japan!
Given the context of her character, Tsukino’s beauty is evocative of the delicate yet highly delicious taste of wagashi. Her flavours, both sharp and sweet are like the summery citrus of yuzu, rounded by the plump bite of smooth white beans. With the heat of summer and the flavours of autumn, here she basks in the rich glow of the twilight moon, emerging from the box of seasonal moon buns from the Minamoto Kitchoan.
Sadly, Alter’s 2nd Yakitate collaboration with Happinet lacks the flawless finish of their independent works. For all the sumptuous richness of Tsukino’s body, the adornment of the frilled bikini suffers from inelegant painting that mars the delicate form of the cast. Nevertheless, this sultry little hotcake is a petite treat in her kneeling pose that still whets my appetite. The full bloom of Tsukino’s curvaceous body makes her the perfect moonchild to celebrate the bounty of autumn.

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