Thursday, 24 July 2008

Kanu Unchou (Alter)

With the wisdom of crocodiles and the destiny of dragons, Kanu Unchou’s formidible power spirals out in this incredible work from Alter.
The piece is alive with a predatory power, her beauty has a dark ferocity like that of a panther, Kanu is a wild creature of grace wrapped in robust musculature.
Within the heart of the whirlwind composition is the taught body of a warrior. Her form is draped in the girlish pleats and ties of a high school uniform that ripples away from the curves as if caught in aura of her spirit.
Ikki Tousen girls, by their very design, were made to be undressed. Their clothes are superfluous, temporary obstacles in the way of fanservice that have but one destiny; to be torn to shreds in the heat of battle. The flimsy garments vaguely resemble high girlish attire but they are completely incongruous with their mature battle ready bodies. In reality, the clothes are disposable decorations to be ripped off with relish, the Ikki Tousen girls just come gift wrapped.
Sculptor Mirano’s crafting presents Kanu’s character with perfect execution. The combination of the robust form and the skimpy sailor ensemble expresses all the potency of her power dressed up in the trashy mores of uniform fetish. It is the perfect image of a pulp heroine icon.
The whole composition moves with a dancer’s rhythm. The silky whips of hair that sinuously swirl into elegant spirals create a choreography of pure energy. The undulations of curves and raven tresses are bisected by a length of steel. A proud and unyielding guardian Kanu arches her body against the pole of weapon she wields with a steady and sultry gaze.
Kanu Unchou is a popular sculptural subject in PVC portraiture but Alter’s latest version is perhaps the most faithful and formidable to date. For me this is a work that retains her nobility whilst achieving the necessary juxtaposition of pop culture trash aesthetics.

The Guan Dao, her signature weapon, is exquisitely finished in shades of graphite and silver. The extensive pole rests elegantly in Kanu’s fingers as if it were as light as air. A dragon headed blade shimmers in the skillful emulation of a deadly crescent of steel.
For all the transcendent qualities of the character sculpt, the highest points rest upon the full firmness of the muscular thighs as they meet the curve of her buttocks. The view is too good to be confined to a castoff and is exposed by the fluttering veil of her pleated skirt. Ensnared in a pair of tiny white panties, the peachy flesh is gorgeously curved and delicately shaded. This is possibly one of the finest posteriors in PVC.


dannychoo said...

Great photos of Kanu. I need to post mine soon.

SbebiWan said...

oh, well done too ^^ I don't know if I will do shots of mine, there are so much nice ones already !