Friday, 29 August 2008

Pastel Ink Popup Vignette

Language is an exquisite element of human existence. Words sew the seeds of meaning, sprouting into lush forests of communication and expression. These lands of linguistics are vast, their limits reach as far as your knowledge, understanding and imagination.

Students of a foreign language, however, must become the intrepid explorers of a new realm. Grappling with comprehension is like journeying into the wilderness, a place that can only be survived by plotting new maps of meaning. This is achieved only though dedicated study.
Alone, this can be an unrelenting struggle, yet for the Methodology of English, there is a guardian angel to light the path of the confused and weary student. Enter Pastel Ink! Popping into life with the peppy protestation

“I’m always gonna be by your side. Please don’t worry… I’ll show you how to do it!”

Equipped with her whirlypop wand and 1000 of the most commonly used words and phases, her genki charm wraps a ribbon of courage around the melancholy of study!
Courage: We need courage to pay all the money for goods without thinking about where your next dinner will come from. But such barbarous courage is a part of real courage

-Moetan, Lesson 6, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”

In the infamous study guide, POP paints the trials of academic adversity with a pretty pastel tint! Expressing English via exemplary enthusiasms of Akiba-kei, you too can learn English the otaku way. In the explosive fusion of art and imagination, character culture conjures a candied connection between the signifier and the signified!
This sweet sensei happily helps her devoted students at every turn, baring all the quintessential magical marks of the mahou shojo. Moetan is a chaotic concoction of cultural commentary whirled into the whimsical aesthetics of the loli moe!
Good Smile Company’s Pastel Ink Pop Up Vignette is the model answer to the Moetan pop quiz. Springing out of the dynamic diorama, Ink is the image of an explosive imagination! She gleams with the brightest enthusiasm to inspire the intellect and to rouse a studious spirit in us all!

Spiritual: He feels spiritual comfort in the embrace of a life-sized pillow.

-Moetan, Lesson 5, “Better have it than hear of it”

This is a wonderfully extravagant piece that showcases the very best in Good Smile’s creative capabilities. The expressive quality and combination of intricate elements conjures up an ambitious picture popup panorama in 3D.
Pastel Ink prances from a pedestal of an open textbook, her magic popping forth from a jumble of plump pastel motifs, wrapped in up in miniature warped world. The dizzying composition is distinctly dreamlike with the heady pleasures of a Lewis Carrol adventure. It glows with beguiling charm of nostalgia with a dusting of sugarplum lolicon. Its presence is like that of the ultimate gashapon diorama, the jumbo scale accentuates the illusionary elements and the carnivalesque cuteness that is so indicative of Ink-chan.
The sculpt itself is delightful, the finishing and rendering is rich and lovingly applied to perfectly portray the iconic style of the infamous illustrator POP. The misty shapes of the wraparound landscape encapsulate the cuteness of the Moetan world, in an irresistible arrangement that brings cheer to any collection.
Ink’s wrinkled oversized garments accentuate her dinky dojikko proportions. The frills and folds are the sweet frostings that envelop her muffin cup form to create a costume that is a totally audacious erotic accolade of magical girl moe. Good smile have inked the stitching in the white swimsuit with exceptional care and precision.
This miniature marvel is utterly irresistible, both larger than life and incomparably cute. The only frustration of this figure is attaching excruciatingly fiddly arrangements of ribbon fixings that are a compositional must… if you are prepared NEVER TO TOUCH THEM AGAIN!
For my taste, this is one of Good Smiles finest works in finishing, a pieces that really is the last word of excellence in tribute to the Moetan etango phenomenon.

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Goodsmile at its best ^^ Each time I see her in store, I'm close to get her ^^;