Thursday, 4 September 2008

Good Smiles All Round!

In celebration of the launch of the Good Smile Company site in English, I am taking a brief break from regular figure reviews!
The notorious Mr Choo, the man that pioneered the happy hobby haunt for many a global otaku in his famous figure news portal has just announced the launch of the great Good Smile Company site ~ in English!
It has all the flair and fun of his customary commentary of his and promises news and views of all the hot off the presses honeys that’ll no doubt be delighting devoted figure fans everywhere!
Great work Danny! It’s inspiring me to be a better Web Mistress!

My house has been in disrepair, my figures under dustsheets and my camera relegated to the back of a cupboard and a hazardous pile of unboxed beauties have been accumulating in this time of woe….
But no longer! I am enthused about making the best of this blog as learn the ropes of web works, you’ll be seeing the fruits of my studies cropping up all over the place. I hope that I’ll be able to chat to more of my visitors too by actually keeping better track of your comments ^_^;;

So Porcelaine Priss is currently under continual construction ^_^! I thank you for your patience! がんばれます!
I've acquired many exciting things recently too that I'm hoping to share here soon!
And yes, I am *all* over Penguin Musume… 萌え!!!


SbebiWan said...

Keep up with the good work ^^

Priss said...

I shall do my best!!! ^_~