Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cookies & Cosplay

I had a fastidious weekend, as tends to be my habitual way of ploughing through a storm. The best cure for a dark spell, I always say is to bake! Conjuring up some chocolate cookies and giving some love to my Airi cosplay filled a Saturday with sweetness and light, some of which I thought I’d share here.
The cosplay is still in it's various pieces but the elements are coming together to form my dearest dream of playing a maid so there've been many hours of hand sewing, gathering lace and appliqué to make a monumentally moe ensemble! I can’t wait to be all finished so I may flounce about with feather dusters and scythes!
The cookies, in the shape of batfish (specially made for my family, diving enthusiasts) were a Martha Stewart creation ~ cocoa shortbread with white chocolate stripes, something I found on recipe recon this week. How do you make a bishonen like Lelouch more delicious? Have him pose with dessert!!! (Lulu quite literally became sweeter post shoot. After sitting on the plate, ended up with a white chocolate frosting on his butt…)


Sbalani said...

I'm loving the pics ^^ and the cookies :D

Kit said...
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Kit said...

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HEY PP! Nice looking cookies! Excellent colour and form by jove! I've finally joined the Blogger network so u can check my one out too if you so desire, not much on there yet though. Not so keen on this boy in black but there are some amazing figures in here, I think my fave is from a ways back, gotta be AEGIS (I would!), and also really like Clare of Claymore and Holstein Hanako. Actually speaking of Beautiful boys and Mad-man Bishies, have you seen the trailer for GOEMON? Looks like some lovable sexy nutters with nice hair in there. Lots of Love to you. GX

Singer Yuna said...

I hope to see new entry when you work for UP cosplayed of Airi WIIII

Catherine said...

Woww wow, no cookies recipe :0!! I so love cookies! Im into cooking aswell ^^ we should share some recipes! That custard thing on the posts above, looks really tasty, I never tried it before, but I will soon :)

(Catherine from MFC and Melodie from E2046!)