Thursday, 3 July 2008

Miyafuji Miina

Miyafuji Miina, is beach beautiful in a classic Onegai Twins summer sweet by Good Smile, sculpted by Tanaka Touji.
Miina’s pose captures the heart of the season with nostalgic allure. She embodies all the mischief of adolescence, provocatively poking out her tongue as she tugs at the soaked shirt that clings to her skin. The wet translucence of the cloth reveals the pale peachy curves beneath as the yellow bikini top dangles from her raised hand. This playful portrait of her personality is marked with a boldness that skirts the edges of adult desire.
Bright as sunflowers and as sumptuous as the rosy flesh of sliced watermelon, Miina sexily sizzles in the high heat of summer sunshine.

This is one of my all time favourite pieces, the basic elements are simple but perfectly aligned. Tanaka’s anatomical work is stunning and he seems to have taken particular care on the musculature of her bare legs. His work celebrates the fresh beauty of Miina’s youth and adds real substance to the solidity and charm of the composition. For this, the erotic overtones are all the more enchanting, enticing the eye towards the partial exposure of her breasts.
Despite the 2005 vintage, the production work is accomplished to perfection. The effects of the finishing are not hampered a lack of sophistication whatsoever and boast a rich tonal palette that combines flawlessly with the sculpt with optimum results.
Miina’s sweetness has refreshing flavour like a spoonful of iced berry sherbet. The taste is reminiscent of the irresistible bitter sweet tang of first love encounters under the endlessly blue summer sky that is mirrored in her eyes.

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