Thursday, 17 July 2008

Yamada Ayumi Creators' Labo #007

Iron Maiden Ayu, the hot headed heartbreak heroine of Hachimitsu to Kurova sits in sweet serenity in a piece from Yamoto’s Creators’ Labo.
Ayumi is a mighty marvel of the arts and by virtue of her latent crafting genius, she holds legendary status among the pottery department alumni. The fragile elegance of her works and the delicacy of a porcelain feminine façade, however, belie a ferocious spirit. Cross Yamada and you are in for a world of pain.

The tragedy of Ayu’s character spurs from fatal flaw in the composition of her emotions. The unrequited affections she harbours for her laconic love interest Mayama shatters the hopes of her youth on the jagged points of a love triangle.
This is the world of Hachimitsu to Kurova, a whimsical portrait that paints in pastel hues the most painfully profound elements that move and make the human heart.

As a sweet ocean siren, Ayu is quite irresistible in this unique treasure. She is a refreshing dip into a sea of change for my figure collection.
The fairytale motif is cupcake cute whilst evoking memories of misfortune as told in Hans Christian Anderson’s most famous misadventures of a mermaid. The melancholy maiden blushes like the pale pink heart of an empty conch shell abandoned on the shore.
As for quality, the figure falls foul of Yamato’s production shortcomings. The sweetness of the pastel palette is soured by a messy painted finish that mars the promise of the smooth preorder promos. The piece is still charming and her petit stature helps to conceal the more problematic elements of her facial sculpt.

The kitsch cuteness of this nostalgic figure would be better served cast in china with a glassy glaze like collectable trinkets of my childhood, though the product of Yamato’s efforts still suffice to tempt me to their treasure chest.

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Mistique said...

Im Singer Yuna and I also got this figure.
She is so swwweeeet ^^
Also, I love your made me start interested in doing my own blog. I encourage you with the maid Airi cosplay ^^