Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Kazami Mizuho Swimsuit

Reclining in the curve of a chair like a glassy pudding cup, hair curled elegantly like spun sugar and strawberry sauce, Kazami Mizuho is the flavour of summer as she basks in her lime green bikini. Her beckoning gaze and the sumptuous lines of her body cascade into an irresistible cocktail of peachy skin and sun blushed beauty.
By the grace of Good Smile, 2007 saw the days of summer stretch on endlessly with the sweetness of Sensei.
Truth be told, I have some reservations about the piece, which are mostly due to the fact that the facial sculpt necessitates particular angle to stop her looking utterly gormless ^_^;;
Her body, however, is flawlessly finished with the bikini encroaching deliciously upon the soft flesh. The composition is also quite charming, her jewellery accentuates the delicacy of her pose while the chair is both stylish and subtle echoing the dessert theme. A perfectly balanced 1/7 scale summer sundae, Mizuho is a harmony of tropical decadence.

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