Thursday, 25 October 2007

Pinky Street Rei & Asuka

Cutie cosplay figures, these tempting little bonbons feature the sweetest Eva makeover. As always with Evangelion merchandise, there are irrepressible elements in the combination of the incongruously cute and the bizarre producing products that are kawaii and kitchy in the extreme. In place of the regular range of everyday accessories commonly sported by Pinkys are little shito Lilith and Gaghiel, skewered like candied apples on custom cutlery - a minuture prog knife and the Lance of Longinus. Pinkys are a superb variation on chibi couture, featuring a distinctive restyling of character shorthand with their heavy feet and shiny bubble headed faces. In these incarnations, Asuka is wide mouthed and mischievous whilst Rei appears typically docile and vacant. These Gainax goodies, which were produced to celebrate Eva’s 10th anniversary, make a tasty place of any fan’s crowded shelf space ^_^

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