Thursday, 4 October 2007

Kanalia Yuu

Frequent illicit encounters with the unknown character are the quintessence of the figure maniac’s moe. After all, how many have succumbed to the wonderful Ignis without the first grain of knowledge about her source of origin?
And here begins another tale of mysterious romance with devilishly delicious Kanalia Yuu from Kikou Majutsushi Enchanter. At 1/6 this is a sizeable piece but unlike many figures made at this scale, she is delicately composed and quite astoundingly inventive in her construction. She is caught in motion, looking over her shoulder, her attention caught elsewhere as magical books tumble out of her briefcase, her little wings raising her up off the ground.
This is, without a doubt, one of the most blatantly serviced up panchira poses ever! Sculptor Hashimoto Takahiro puts Yuu’s bounteous curves to excellent use, arching her body audaciously to orchestrate the optimum effects of both the pendulous and the perky. Then there’s the charming magical colour change as her hair melts luxuriously from blue into delicate violet. Spellbound, I again became the figure floozy. Do I lament my foolish heart? No, not for a second ^_~

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Lururu said...

I remeber being blown away by this lovely when I saw her for the first time! I just enjoy the fact that her wings sprout from her cute and curvy butt :) How handy they would be, eh? Make shopping a breeze in 'moe' ways than one!

Ah, bad pun!!!