Monday, 1 October 2007

Hinata Aki

Mama love! Celebrate autumn’s bounty with the unseasonably dressed (but appropriately named) Hinata Aki of Keroro Gunsou. Aki in her ripe and buxom glory, in a bathing costume emblazoned with the pika-pika face of Kero-chan encircled by delicate fleshy blooms of orchids.
I yearned for this solid, plump beauty since her release way back in 2005 from Mega House and was delighted when she arrived this summer. It was this model that triggered my interest in Keroro Gunsou and sealed me to my destiny to become a Yoshizaki Mine maniac!
She is everything a Dynamite Mama should be! Strong, firm and full of joy! I adore her, the apparent simplicity of pose cannot diminish how is rich with detail she is, possessing some intangible warmth that makes her wonderfully sexy and so Hinata Aki.

1 comment:

Lururu said...

I hope that I can grow to be such a Mama!!!!

I want that bathing costume though for a start!!