Tuesday, 9 October 2007

C3 x Hobby-chan & Hobby Devil

C3 x Hobby idols of darkness & light Hobby Devil & Hobby-chan present a fan culture face off in a pair of releases from Sol International. This double entrĂ©e of delights is hardcore fanfare for the Yoshizaki Mine fanatic. Mine-sensei’s girls are the official mascots of the C3 x Hobby festival – a formidable fusion of mecha and moe.
These models, no doubt owing to the sensibilities of their designer, are hefty for their 1/7 scale and were comparatively expensive, presumably due to their super niche appeal. They certainly lack the smoothness and sophistication of a Good Smile or Alter production but all the same, there’s something so irresistibly otaku-kitsch about them! Sweet as a strawberry parfait Hobby-chan is replete with frills and combat amour whilst the winged Hobby-Devil packs heavy artillery from the dark side. This dynamic duo were truly made to be together! Ambitious contrasting sculpts that climatically combine in the glorious harmony of their poses and interchangeable regalia.

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