Friday, 5 October 2007


What is it about Zero no Tsukaima? I can’t decide myself, it’s not particularly outstanding but is, nevertheless somehow uniquely charming and quite irresistible to me (a bit like Pocky). It’s compulsively moreish and the packaging of the magical school genre is very appealing. Quite as pretty as a packet of ichigo decorer Pocky is little Louise, the haughty heroine of the novel turned anime series that I have some obscure devotion to. She seems to be an otaku favourite, endlessly conflicted and swift with a whip, her tempestuous character is devoted to honour and diminished by her emotions.
Alter’s Louise is a petit treat, based on a cover illustration from one of the novels. Her cloak and hair flow out behind her in luscious waves of rippled pink and black as she perches on a miniature stepladder. Maintaining her lofty poise, she raises a knee upon which she elegantly rests her hands, becoming the very picture of her noble breeding, were it not for the fact that now her painties are on show.
Alter made a perfect choice for the source of this model but for me there’s something just that bit lacking in the final result. Perhaps this is a consequence of the hybrid design of that seems to have comprised the piece of Louise in the illustration with the veneer of her anime incarnation. Somewhere something vital has been lost, a shame but doubtlessly, my lusts to master Louise help somewhat to quell this gripe.

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