Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Hinata Natsumi & Giroro Gochou

This post is a dedicated to a melancholy moe ~ to an exquisite duet of unrequited love from Keroro Gunsou! For all the innumerable joy that comprises the series, it possesses one key facet that I find utterly irresistible DOOMED ROMANCE! Yes! It is the endless longing of a war torn soldier for his barbarous goddess that ignites the fires in my heart. Of the hardened Giroro Gochou for the volatile Hinata Natusmi, that impossible, implausible and hopelessly ludicrous alignment of romantic potentials… Kya!!!
Here Mega House’s Hinata Natsumi is equipped with a flight pack – a gadget from Kururu’s lab. She ascends angelically, a tranquil pose that accentuates the freshness of her adolescent beauty. Her pigtails and skirt flutter delicately, caught in the motion of the air as she hovers above the ground. It is a divine composition, presenting a rare but delightful aspect of the fiery Natsumi.
Here I have paired the piece with Kaiyodo’s Giroro Gochou who is iconically arranged with heavy artillery to defend his warriors’s pride (and the object of his forbidden desires). Giroro is one of my all time favourite characters, so wonderfully proud whilst irresistibly flawed his face is embellished with the motif of the conflicted warrior. He's grade A bishonen material, all for the minor point that he's a pint sized amphibian. Not as if that impedes the fact that I harbour a massive crush on him... Yappari, Giroro ga suki

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