Thursday, 27 September 2007

Himekuri Moda Bianca

More from the Yoshizaki Mine collection with the delightfully frothy, frilly, chantilly baby Himekuri image girl Moda Bianca. One of three colour variants and my personal favourite, the white cloth version is cute and creamy and just that little bit more loli-licious in the paler attire. Kaiyodo have done a fabulous job and I tend to enjoy pieces that are complete without a base, Himekuri being a fine example. In her seated position her skirt folds into luxurious pool, which she raises in a coquettish manner belying the innocence of her expression. But then, so does the costume itself, with collars and garters topped off with lacy neko mini and with what would appear to be puffed rubber stocking tops, sleeves and brassiere she is nothing short of a fetishistic fondant fancy.

1 comment:

Lururu said...

She reminds me of one of the lovely delicacies from our favourite kissaten, Laduree. You could just eat her up with a spoon :)