Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Here she is, the girl who started the unrelenting Shunya Yamashita figure frenzy, Sera-chan from Kotobukiya.
I considered, whilst eyeing the latest offerings available from Yamashita, that Sera might become obsolete in my collection - that her pastel charms would fast fade with additions such as the insurmountably sexy OL Mirei-san. When I came to take pictures of her, however, I recalled my fondness for this piece.
Sera-chan’s solid form is coquettishly sculpted, the sinuously sloping body belying her schoolgirl attire and her lips are accented in gloss as she casts her eyes elsewhere (making her somewhat more erotic than the peachy cuteness of original illustration, that personally I prefer).
The failing of this model is the horridness of the base she’s attached to. I understand that needs must to support a bust but it is an ever so icky floorboard arrangement in the most repulsive hue. This I can more or less forgive as she reclines on my sheepskin rug.

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