Friday, 14 September 2007

Dragon Shiryu

Ah, Pegasus Fantasy! Mega House, the bastions of bishonen model production returned in June with the shining glory of Dragon Shiryu from 80s anime Saint Seiya!

While again, there is only so much that tends to be done with male character poses, there is a lot of subtlety in the sculpt. His taught stance implies a warrior’s vigour while his eyes coolly exude an aloof confidence (and are rendered according to the vintage era of his design). It is the particular strength of Mega House to communicate iconic aspects of the characters they sculpt, which is why, even a stayed pose can display some intangible energy.

The model might not present the delightful pinnacle of Saint Seiya shiny, however, beauty beats Bandai’s die cast boys (as cool as they may be) and Shiryu is resplendent in armour of blue topaz that aligns marvellously against the matt black archs of his body.

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