Monday, 17 September 2007

Bome Collection Bunny Girl

Kaiyodo’s Bome Collection Vol. 7 – the incognito Bunny Girl (chaperoning this weekend’s baking extravaganza the Ultimate Carrot Cake)!
I got into Bome way back when I was following the first flight of Takashi Murakami’s otaku pop art project - the Superflat movement. Bome’s contribution was a Miss KO2 so named as her presence - a 7ft scale maid - packed one hell of a punch.
And then, thick and fast the Bome collection was on the shelves, hugely popular with random and variable releases clunking out like some giant gashapon machine.
I enjoy the old school aspect of his work, the intense otaku glaze that guilds his projects. I do not regard him to be a great sculptor as such, for me it is a combination of cultural interest as opposed to pure design lust that energises my figure mania. He can be very hit and miss but is capable from time to time of realising some utterly charming stuff.
I have a fondness for bunnies, as a great many otaku do I believe. Historically their iconic presence has permeated the great works of Gainax and returned in full glory in Suzumiya Haruhi. Bome’s Bunny Girl (circa October 2005) is nicely composed and makes a sweet embellishment to any otaku estate (or culinary delight, if that is your preference).

The cake, btw, was pretty damn good, if pushing the borders of syruped moistness too much for my taste. The combination of toasted pecan nuts and carrot cake spell gourmet goodness... but I don't think I'd be hired at the Antique Bakery ;_; ... Ara, what was this blog about again???

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