Friday, 21 September 2007

Meer Campbell

Today's entry is more saccharine in it's sentimentality than Valentine chocolate and is dedicated to Mega House's dear Meer Campbell of Gundam Seed (vintage 2005). A pretty pink tonic for a bad day, she prances gaily in the midst of performing some aria on the edge of my desk, where she has been for the past week.
She was kind of a rescue piece and is actually missing a big chunk of her outfit and has the scars to show it snaking across one of her hips.
Her missing garment, it's true, adds dynamic flair to the model when present a skirt that delightfully defies the laws of physics and detracts from the somewhat conspicuos join under her ample solid bust. Then again, in absence it calls all the more attention to the fine curvature of her form and exposes a hint of stomach tone beneath the skintight finery.
She was of course, unboxed and second hand when I found her but bythe virtue of her exerberant pose and lovely pins, I couldn't resist taking her home with me. With the ornate freshness of an orchid in bloom, she is a figure I am really happy to own, incomplete, or whatever.
Sometimes imperfection makes something more of itself than you ever could have expected. It reminds me to boot that I really should get to know the lady and the show better.

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Lururu said...

Poor Keroro looks a little forlorn in the background there but I agree that the absence of floaty skirt does draw more attention to he pretty legs :) That can't be a bad thing :D