Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Nanbu Chitose

Nanbu Chitose produced by Max Factory 2006 emerges from Amaenaideyo as one of my first forays into the model trends of the future! Action feature chic for models in this day and age are all about the clothes and I am not talking about fine couture (for a change), rather the custom capacity for the delivery of fan service. Recreate a thousand and one bathhouse exposes if you dare (as I do) as Chitose has a number of dishevelled looks in her optional parts and is accompanied by a variety of wired sutra beads that you can entwine lovingly around her buxom body.
Her face is a bit overwhelmingly kawaii but the fine rendering of her nice body made her impossible to resist when encountered in the “flesh”. Still haven’t managed to care enough to watch the anime but she sure does look nice in my jewellery box don’t you think? (Though she comes equipped a little circle of floorboards to kneel upon for those not in possession of such lacquered delights).

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