Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ogiue Chika

Genshiken has an incredible power, striking home like a bolt of lightening into the behavioural habits and hearts of otaku everywhere.
(Personally, I see myself in the present, somewhere between the hardcore lonewolf Maradame and the harderned compulsive fashionista Saki).
This 1/8 scale rendition of the objectionable Ogiue Chika from Alter is, to me utterly gorgeous. I saw the preorders with interest but then read the review on Heisei Democracy, which made me rush out and secure one for myself for it is simply remarkable.
This is not only a model that offers variability in the costume parts but is so adaptable that it is almost two models in one. In the fully clothed version, Ogiue is swaddled in an oversized Kujikibi Unbalance cosplay uniform. While she looks perfectly styled to the role, her scowl and dourer demeanour makes plain her distaste of the performance.
It is, however, the other form of this model that I adore, the Ogiue as she is pictured here in here high school swimming costume. Her arms raised across her belly, fingertips touching in expectance of the ordeal ahead producing a defensive yet deeply defiant pose. The finishing is an example of Alter’s second to none work and comes equipped with the divine addition of a pair of steel spectacle frames to perch on her nose. Moe!!!!!Wonders do I seek as a figure maniac and this is one of the greatest works I have encountered in all my experience. Undoubtedly this unconventional but unquestionably beautiful girl is set to be a firm favourite for years to come.

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