Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Kazami Mizuho (Enter Brain)

Behold the extravagant and rather expensive delights in by far my most needed fix in figure mania – Kazami Mizuho of Onegai Teacher. I never used to be especially keen on the series itself (though time has warmed me to it) but I can never EVER resist of incarnations her curves finely rendered in 3D. She has been the source of bidder’s rage on late night eBay sessions, massive import duties on parcels, some rather unfortunate purchases but do I love her still ever so? Oh my yes. Will I forever be a slave to collecting Sensei? Oh but of course.
This was my first, one of my few babes in polystone, a piece by Miyagawa Takeshi released via the eccentrically named Enter Brain. Mizuho is a delight snacking on “Pochy” in her negligee. My version seems to be an alternate colouration featuring of lavender nightdress and panties that may be a less effective than the standard peach and black combo but I adore her nevertheless.
The high points are the detailing on the nightdress, finished with delicate bows and painted to enticingly hint at the skin beneath the gown. Her expression combines charmingly with the addition of the Pochy sticks and packet that can be added to her pose, giving a picture of a woman who really enjoys her candy ^_^

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