Monday, 17 September 2007

Angol Mois

From the second invasion of Mega House Keroro Gunsou figures descend the Mystic Heroines featuring the unearthly delights of the harbinger of doom Angol Mois. Mois-dono is presented in all her groundbreaking glory, complete with earth destroying staff and puffy panties.
Precarious but perfectly rounded, Mois-dono’s costume is impressively and skilfully rendered in 3D, right down to the hoop that links from her cloak and encircles her chest. It’s with releases like this that Mega House demonstrate the sophistication of their work.
Her look is coordinated with the blooms of the uchuu no bara (space roses) making the most extravagant dressing table centrepiece for the most discerning pekoponian girl.
(Okay, so they are apparently ornamental cabbages – at least - that’s what the florist said…)

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Lururu said...

I think that 'Uchuu no bara' is a better name than ornamental cabbages anyway! >^n_n^<