Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Kokonoe Rin

Lo…Lolicon! >_<;; It’s true! My sukebe rein extends across the otaku kingdom with my latest guilty pleasure Kokonoe Rin from the infamous Kodomo no Jikan. So what did I love about the Kodomo no Jikan OVA? Quite apart from the abundant cuteness and high production quality, the suggestive implications that I am so keenly aware of in shows (Manabi Straight & Ichigo Marshmallow to name a few) are not finely laced into each scene but are as brazen as its heroine Kokonoe Rin. It is, I suppose, this boldness that not only delivers lolicon service in a manner that implies self-awaress but that is, indeed, self-proclaiming. I found this intensely refreshing and moe. For some, it might be a serious appetite killer, who knows, perhaps some voyeurs find acknowledgement from their quarry rather unpalatable? So back to the Max Factory rendition, I bought Kokonoe some months ago, before the OVA was released and was irrevocably charmed by the piece as soon as I picked her up in her box. Ultimate in her pigtailed prowess, she’s alive with details, a plaster on her knee, the smiley on her satchel, the frilly socks aaaaah ~_~;; Kawaii!!! The gimmick of this model you ask? Oh I would not say that it’s the hidden kuma panties beneath her shorts, for that would not be adequate for the lolita queen. No this is something that emerges only from dangerous scrutiny. If you align your sight directly with the path of Kokonoe’s own gaze, not only do you see how much her t-shirt reveals but at the same instant yourself looking. Catching this girl’s eye makes for a wicked double exposure. Such irresistible, forbidden cuteness! Kya!!! All wrapped up in wrong! Truly, the this is a crowning piece befitting the Queen of Lolitas!

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