Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Kazami Mizuho Space Suit (Custom painted)

Wide eyed in her shiny space suit, Yamato’s Kazami Mizuho-Sensei the displays undulating curves of her nice body in a delightfully inquisitive pose.
From the press releases, reviews and photos I was charmed into placing an order for this fabled resin beauty. As an Onegai model fanatic, I figured what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, the answer in this case was A LOT.
The casting was ugly, unsatisfactorily heavy and unrefined but worst of all, Mizuho’s fine form had be tarnished with the most inelegant, slapdash paint job (on an expensive model) that I had ever had the misfortune to see and the insult to acquire. The transfers were positioned incorrectly on her eyes and had been applied to bare unpainted resin. Needless to say this was a big disappointment and thus she was relegated to a shelf out of site until the day she met with an accident in which she suffered a broken leg and ankle.
Not to be beaten, the incident impelled me to right at least some of the wrongs, for she was no longer a piece with any potential for resale and if we were going to live together, she needed a serious makeover.
I have no record of her old look but here she has the completely new eyes – a design in which I aimed to combine the look of the original Yamato press photos with character illustrations for the anime. For me the eyes can make or break the beauty of figure, having particular significance as a key visual drawing point. Indeed, an integral aspect of Mizuho’s character design is expressed via those glossy violet orbs; it’s what makes her so moe behind the spectacles.
The alterations I rendered are by no means perfect but it has managed to open a connection to this model that had previously been closed to me. Now she speaks more of that irresistible charm and innocence, her eyes no longer jar but draw me into the sweet innocence of her alien naivety.
Sensei is now very special to me and I can appreciate her for every slick line as she crawls across my bookshelves and bed sheets.

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