Thursday, 3 April 2008

Holstein Hanako-san

The full fat dream of Holstein Hanako is a creamy blend of the erotic and the whimsical. From the Tsukasa Bullet series by Mega House this piece makes a delicious addition to the Priss Spring Catalogue.
Retro curls form a bluebell bonnet of hazelnut hair, atop which she wears a twin horned band.
She’s as rich and indulgent as Devonshire cream tea with her buttery plump curves, clotted creamy dappled garments and a playfully curly tail.
Her wide and glassy eyes are held rapt by the tiny wings on the cabbage white butterfly that rests upon her outstretched finger. Lost in this moment for eternity, somehow this bovine beauty commands abundant charm gormless countenance.
Like the black and white piebald of her breed, Hanako is composed of contrasts, of mechanical metals with simple country pleasures, of fragility with full flesh, of innocence with indecency.
This was a real indulgence for me as I had already professed my love for the Daiki Kogyou dairy queen Aizawa Sanako and another curly cow girl seemed excessive in the extreme. I stayed my hand until she was reviewed at Heisei Democracy and was able to see Mega House’s customary work on this enchanting lady. Boasting flawless production I succumbed to the fact that she is just inescapably cute ^_^


lu-k said...

Woho she looks gorgeous in the middle of these flowers. Beautiful pictures, much more appealing to me than everything I have already seen about this figure ^^

Priss said...

I think she's just the kind of girl that sits prettiest around some blooms - it brings out all the innocence of the pose!!! Thanks for the comment ^_^

Lylibellule said...

Your pictues of Hanako-san are really very beautiful and I have a preference for the first one of the series.