Monday, 21 January 2008

Clare of Claymore

The Claymore is a sinuous, almost serpentine entity – a cold blooded creature annexed from humanity by all-consuming purpose. Her achromic complexion and silver eyes and exude a bloodless chill, Clare is a lacquered parody of life one that has been altered and fashioned to a sharp and deadly point. Her beauty is at once both terrible and enigmatic to behold.
I regret to say that my enthusiasm for the Claymore series does not reflect my adoration of the lead protagonist. To quote myself, the manga simply strikes me as “a poor man’s Berserk”. It would seem that there is only room for one demon slaying gorefest in my heart and the dullness of Claymore just can’t cut it like the Kuroi Kenshi can.
Again, the figure world bestows upon me solace and glorious recompense for this tragedy by granting me a Clare of my very own. Mega House’s Clare meets every inch of my lusty expectations for the ice vixen. Her elongated body stands in cool readiness, the blade resting in her hand glints and beyond the wandering gaze her eyes are keen. The silent energy of her being is coiled like a viper, alluding to the indomitable force that lies within.
The ivory form is gilded with mercurial armour that runs along the curves of her hips in molten prongs. The vestiges of human fragility are alloyed with metal, which imbues Clare with magnificent fortitude. A cloak flows from the twin carapaces of her shoulder guards, it moves with the elements, from the direction that so holds her attention.
A nice bit of history she is indeed, completely sexy and cadaverous in one fabulously shiny sculpt that adds all the rightful substance to the character that the series could not support. Impeccable production and dazzling contrasts in rendering makes for one of the most captivating pieces in my harem.

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