Friday, 11 January 2008

FREEing Kyon no Imouto

I make little secret or excuse for my habitual Lolicon leanings, as a female figure maniac my intentions couldn’t possibly be untoward right?... Right? In any event, I have no qualms about acquisitioning beauty wherever it appears. Be it woman, man, girl, boy or bling, I am ever a slave to the beautiful things.
The little girl known by no other name than Kyon no Imouto (little sister of the show’s hapless male protagonist) appears as cherry coloured candy pink baby bunny girl. Her depiction in the Megami illustration can no doubt be cited as the reason for her inclusion in the collection due to the fact that the sugar sweet pose in her tiny pompom ensemble is JUST TO CUTE. The illustrators and FREEing naturally had the sense and good taste not to dress the 11yearold in fishnet stockings (she is not Kokonoe after all) and her petite form is most becoming at 1/4. Propriety be damned, she is utterly charming and flawlessly finished, the quintessence of adorable and a joy to behold.
Her pose, whilst similar to the illustration makes a daring diversion as Kyon no Imouto stretches her tiny hand out with exuberance, revealing more of her tiny body in the miniature costume. The piece is pure Loli-moe material, uncompromisingly gorgeous from every angle and as delicate as the finest bone china. Highly recommended for the intrepid and advocates imouto-moe!

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