Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ryoufu Housen Gothic Lolita

The final stage from Orchid Seed’s series of Goth Loli Ikkitousen heroines is Ryoufu Housen. After purchasing both Kanu and Ryoumou (the latter having been extricated from the horde due to her leaning issues) I couldn’t resist the beckoning call of another work from Orchid Seed’s most accomplished modeller.
This kitschy cookie, sits atop a little cushioned seat, her minty green locks hoisted into beautiful bunches adorned with bows and rosebuds. Ryoufu reclines provocatively with one knee raised, the frills of her underskirt flow over her milk-white knee high stockings affording a view of the most prudent panchira for the Goth Loli couture, a pair of puffy white bloomers. In a snap, this luscious beauty transforms to a topless state, revealing the elegant lines of her back, neck and torso.
Sadly this ambitious 3 piece castoff, is tragically shoddy, the seams interrupt the harmony of the piece and the eroticism of her naked body. This is indeed rather a shame as she has the most adorable breasts under the bodice (the cast off conversion was clearly made the priority here when she went into mass production as it is the only part that works to perfection).
This, alas, is not a sophisticated master work from Orchid Seed, rather, Ryuofu’s construction has the uncomfortable air of a rush job and this undermines the elegance of the piece. There are scuffs, traces of paint, smudges and a gratuitous seam at her waist and where the bloomers attach that mar the splendour of the sculpt and castoff.
Her pose and coy little face are her saving graces, preserving the charm that drew me initially to preorder her. Her costume is adorable, full gothic Lolita extravagance in all its billowing bloom. I adore Orchid Seed’s signature shading style which saturates Ryoufu’s skin giving a warm ripe glow to her butter rich complexion. The finish is characterised by smooth yet tantalisingly pink transitions across her flesh, delineating the meeting of cloth and skin adding budding beauty of all her ero points.
A frustrating piece for where it falls short but as a fully clothed figure Ryoufu’s beauty reins supreme, diminishing any creeping regret that might have tarnished her arrival.

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